10 Best Tennis Balls in 2022: Editor’s Choices

As beginners, most people tend to consider tennis balls to be all the same. However, that’s entirely wrong. Contrary to popular belief, tennis balls do come with a lot of variations. Some of them are good for hard courts, while others excel in the clay areas. Moreover, as of now, the ITF has approved the products of more than 200 brands. So, how are you going to find out the best tennis balls in 2021 among them?

Due to this reason, we have put hours of effort into place and compiled a list of some excellent options. Nonetheless, we didn’t keep anything vague or shallow. Besides their names, we have also classified them into different categories and provided some crucial details about them.

Thus, finding out the most suitable one among them will be a piece of cake for you. Anyway, we have spent enough time here. Let’s get started with the reviews right away.

Best Tennis Balls

Our Top 10 Picks for Best Tennis Balls 2021 for You:

10. Penn Practice Coach

Penn Practice Coach

Practice, practice, and practice should always be your motto, especially if you are trying to become the best player in this world. However, in this case, you will require something that will be perfect for the long haul.

Hence, we are going to suggest you go for Penn Practice Coach for this purpose. Due to its compressed design, the product offers ideal bounce in most areas. Nonetheless, if you usually play in the hard courts, this one should be ideal for you.

Moreover, the pressurized construction increases the overall durability of the model as well. So, even if you practice for around two to three hours, the ball would still last for more than a few months.

Widely admired as one of the best tennis balls for practicing, these products do offer decent stability. Thus, with them, it becomes easier for you to learn how to control your shots. 

However, there’s a hitch. Due to its constructional method, the balls generally tend to be a little bit heavier than usual. So, you cannot certainly add spins on it, even if you try your best. Moreover, they are not ideal for playing a match as well. 

• An affordable option for practicing
• Offers decent bounce on almost any pitches
• Can last for quite some time
• Provides consistent stability in about every aspect
• Cannot be used for playing official matches
• Adding spins on the balls is quite challenging

09. Penn QST Tennis Balls

Do you have a kid who is particularly interested in the game of tennis? Then, you can help him or her start with their endeavour by using Penn QST tennis balls. But why are we asking you to do so? Let’s check out the below section to find out more about it. 

For starters, unlike the previous product, this one features a lower compression. Therefore, it becomes easier for the players to play with controlled bounces and a reduced amount of speed. So, in a way, each of these features can be beneficial for the kids.

The thing that prompts many people to consider these as the best tennis balls in the market is the weight. In essence, the products have been made from lightweight foam, which makes them weigh only 1.1 lbs. Hence, it would be more straightforward for you to master the art of adding spins to the ball.

Additionally, the tennis balls have also been approved by USTA. Hence, besides practicing, you will also be able to use them to play official games. The balls are quite durable. So, they can perform well on both hard as well as the clay courts without any issue. 

• Offers low bounce, which is ideal for kids
• Made with foam for providing more spin and control
• Best for younger players and learners
• Highly durable
• Does not work appropriately on the larger courts
• A little bit pricier than usual

08. Wilson US Open Tournament Tennis Balls

Wilson US Open Tournament Tennis Balls

Are you just starting up and, thus, do not want to spend much on the tennis balls? Well, then, you can certainly try out the US Open Tournament from Wilson. They are durable, exquisite, and feature almost everything that should be ideal for beginners.

Firstly, they do come with a pressurized design. Therefore, the balls generally do not weigh much, which, in turn, makes these slower and much easier to hit. Also, because of being lightweight, they can help you to learn spins conveniently.

Secondly, even after being an affordable offering, the balls have been approved by both ITF and USTA. Therefore, you can use them in official tournaments as well. Furthermore, the products are available in three different color options. 

Lastly, according to the manufacturers, unlike the other best tennis balls, this one bounces around 25% less than usual. Thus, in a way, it should be ideal for the hard courts but ineffective for clay courts and grass courts. 

• Ideal for both kids and teenage beginners
• Can be used on 78-feet as well as the short courts
• Slower speed makes it easier to hit
• Available in three color options
• Low bounce makes it useless in the clay courts
• Could have been a little bit more durable

07. Wilson US Open Starter Balls

Wilson US Open Starter Balls

We have already talked about two of the best tennis balls here that can be quite beginner-friendly. However, if you want to use something that has been created for the novices, then the US Open Starter should be ideal for your purpose.

Due to their efficiency, the balls can be viable for both short and broad courts. Moreover, as they are pretty big, they offer a decent amount of visibility in almost every aspect. Hence, even if you are just starting up, you will be able to hit them comfortably.

Another notable thing about the balls is that they generally do have a much slower speed than usual. Hence, it would become a lot easier for you to hit them proficiently. Due to the same reason, you will be able to add some more control in your shots. 

Additionally, even though it does not look like it, the products are pretty durable. Thus, they will last for a prolonged period. Moreover, to improve their overall efficiency, Wilson has added crack-resistant components as well. 

• Highly durable and crack resistant
• Has a lower speed for more accuracy
• The best option for learning controlled shots
• They are quite large and, thus, offer proper visibility
• Not good enough for softer courts
• Might get a little fuzzy after a few uses

06. Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls

When talking about the best tennis balls among the pressure less products, the first name that comes to mind is Tourna Pressureless. Unlike the other similar models, this one comes with a less expensive price tag, which makes them affordable for everyone. 

Secondly, as the balls are pressureless, they won’t lose their shape anytime soon, even if you use them frequently. Additionally, the bounce of the items will remain the same as well. 

Moreover, unlike the other similar products, this one does not come in a smaller size. Therefore, you will not have to worry about hitting it right with your racket’s sweet spot. Moreover, it also offers decent visibility in any condition. Thus, we can consider it as the best choice for ball machines.

The Tourna Pressureless tennis balls also tend to be pretty durable as well. Hence, if you want to, then you can always use them for training purposes too. The baggage of the items comes with around 18 balls. Therefore, you can use them separately for more convenience.

As mentioned before, the products also do come with a mesh-made bag. Hence, you would not have to use anything else for carrying them. 

• Apt for recreational play
• Does not cause any trouble regarding the storage
• Its color scheme offers decent visibility
• Provides an excellent bounce on almost any field
• It isn’t a good option for the beginners
• Comes with a bad smell

05. Penn Pro Marathon Tennis Balls

Penn Pro Marathon Tennis Balls

If you are a professional player, you would always want something that can last for a prolonged period. Hence, keeping that in mind, we have chosen the tennis balls from the Pro Marathon series from Penn.

So, to begin with, Penn’s tennis balls have been induced with the coveted Encore Technology. It, in turn, enhances the products’ flexibility and, thus, improves its overall durability. Moreover, the availability of the Smart Optik feature improves its visibility even more.

Furthermore, the balls do offer decent bounce as well. So, if you want to maximize its potential, you will have to use it on the hard courts. However, due to the same reason, they are not going to be as decent in the smaller courts. But, they will be ideal for bigger arenas and can be used for tournaments as well.

However, like others in our best tennis balls list, these are not perfect in every aspect as well. Firstly, they do weigh quite a lot. Therefore, to create more speed in your shots, you will have to hit it powerfully.

Moreover, it can be a little bit pricier too. However, we are talking about professional players here. So, the cost of the balls won’t matter anyway.

• High durability and abrasion-resistant
• LongPlay felt for extensive playing time
• ITF and USTA approved
• Ideal for hard courts
• It is quite heavy
• Can be expensive for a few

04. Dunlop Grand Prix Hard Court Balls

Dunlop Grand Prix Hard Court Balls

We know what you are thinking. These products do have the mention of ‘hard court’ in their name. So, how can they be ideal for all surfaces? Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple – due to its weight and overall construction. 

The tennis balls from the Dunlop Grand Prix series of Dunlop have been manufactured using the rubber core formula. Hence, no matter where you are using it, the balls will still offer a decent bounce in every shot.

That’s not all. 

The construction of the exterior of the product is pretty soft. Hence, it provides a feel of comfort, no matter how hard you are swinging your racket. Moreover, the usage of color schemes, too, is perfect and offers excellent visibility on any condition. 

Like only a few other of the best tennis balls in this market, this one can be used to practice and play. However, if you want to put your shots more accurately and add some spin, you will have to practice quite a bit.

• Can be used on all surfaces
• It will be highly visible on almost any aspect
• Long-lasting and endurable balls
• Offers brilliant bounce
• Requires a lot of practice
• A little bit pricey

03. Wilson Championship Regular Tennis Balls

Wilson Championship Regular Tennis Balls

Do you want to hone your skills in the softer courts? Then, you will have to buy a tennis ball that works perfectly on those arenas. Hence, to help you out in this aspect, we are presenting you with the Wilson Championship Regular balls. 

By making explicitly for soft courts, these tennis balls generally excel in the clay-made or grass-made arenas. If you are an avid tennis fan, you have probably already seen the players using them in the Australian Open and US Open.

The products are made with lightweight material and Dual Weave felt. Hence, they do not weigh much at all and can influence you to create more spin while hitting it powerfully. Moreover, the technology also boosts the durability of the balls to a certain extent. 

However, there is an issue with it. As these are made for the softer courts, these balls generally do feature a supplier exterior. Therefore, if you use them on hard courts too much, they will not perform well.

• It is pretty durable and, thus, will be able to resist abrasions
• Excellent for softer courts
• Ideal for intermediates and professional players
• Availability of Dura Weave felt
• Can be somewhat expensive
• Does not perform appropriately in hard courts

02. Penn Championship Tennis Balls

As you can seem, the Penn Championship tennis balls have been one of the best sellers in the market for the last few years – and for good reasons. First of all, it comes with the coveted Controlled Fiber Release feature, which keeps its nap intact, even after frequent usage. 

Moreover, the usage of natural rubbers provides a consistent feel while hitting with the bat. Hence, in a way, it can improve your controlled shots by quite a mile. Furthermore, it also reduces shock or overall vibrations while hitting it with all of your force.

Just as the name suggests, the balls of Championship series are, indeed, extra-duty. Hence, like many other best tennis balls in the market, this one, too, excels in the hard courts. But, if you want to, then you can use these in other courts as well.

Last yet not least, the product also features deep-elastic seams, which increases its durability and overall bounce by quite a mile. However, the only thing that can affect your experience is its packaging, which is quite indecent and flawed.

• Offers excellent bounce and stability
• It has deep-elastic seams
• Pretty much affordable
• The natural rubber core improves its durability even more
• Highly flexible and, thus, can be used almost anywhere
• Packaging needs to be improved
• Its performance isn’t as good as expected in the clay-made arena

01. Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball

Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball

Unlike most other products on our list of the best tennis balls, Wilson’s products have been used in the US Open for four decades.

But why are they considered to be the best in the market?

Well, to begin with, the balls have been made with Text Tech felt. Hence, even if you do use it frequently, it will last for a prolonged period. That’s not all. It also makes the product team and wear-resistant. It also does not peel that quickly due to the same reason. 

However, even though it is a heavy duty model, the product does not weigh (2.8lbs) much. Thus, if you want to, then you can add both spins or use your power game to thrash your opponent player.   

The only aspect, which might make you run away from the product, is its cost. However, if you evaluate its quality and efficiency, you will surely find the price tag to be perfectly fitting.

• It has been made with premium felt
• Decent build and construction
• Tear and wear-resistant
• Offers excellent stability on almost every arena
• Does not provide enough bounce in the softer courts
• Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for The Best Tennis Balls

What color is a tennis ball?

The tennis balls, these days, do come with a lot of different color schemes. Moreover, some of them do feature the mishmash of different colors as well. However, if you want to buy the best tennis ball, which does also covers visibility purposes, make sure to opt for something extremely vibrant. For example, you can go for a product that features an amalgamation of red and yellow for better clarity, even during adverse conditions.

What are Tennis Balls made of?

The tennis balls are generally made of hollow rubber cores and feature a cover of either nylon or wool material.

How are the Tennis Balls made?

Firstly, the manufacturers create an unfilled rubber core and cover it with a shell of nylon or wool. It is also known as the nap. As the rubber-made core features a decent amount of pressurized air, it helps the ball hop correctly. If a ball does not have enough pressure, it will not bounce properly and make a thudding noise after hitting the floor.

Why do Tennis Balls Come in Cans?

The cans, in which the tennis balls are usually kept, are airtight. Therefore, they do prevent the exterior air from entering and affecting the overall quality of the ball.

Have you ever thought, How Much Does it Cost to Build a Tennis Court?

Why do Tennis Balls Number on them?

The numbers generally help the players to recognize the balls, which they are using, correctly. It can be quite beneficial when you are playing in adjacent courts and your ball has disappeared into the other areas. If you do know the number, then you will be able to find it almost instantly.

Why are Tennis Balls fuzzy?

Previously, even the best tennis ball(s) in the market featured flannel-stitching for offering faster services. However, eventually, it was replaced by nylon, which the modern-day products feature. It, in turn, creates a drag force on the ball and makes them slower than usual.

How big is a Tennis ball?

According to the ITF, the diameter of a tennis ball should always be around 2.57-inch to 2.70-inch. 


In all honesty, finding the best tennis balls in the market can be a tricky task, as it entirely depends on your playing style. For example, if you usually play in the hard courts, you require a ball that offers an efficient bounce on every aspect. On the other hand, if you love to play in the grass courts or clay courts, make sure to go for the lightweight tennis balls.

So, as a beginner, you should always choose your motto first. Once you have found it out, you can, then, choose a racket and balls as per your choices. If you are facing any issues regarding the latter, then make sure to come back to our article again. You can find anything and everything here.

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