Top 10 Best Tennis Ball Machines in 2022: $500, $1000, $2000

Tennis Ball Machines are used as a practice partner for players who want to improve their tennis skills. It shoots a tennis ball at you just like a person. It allows practicing shots with returns. A tennis ball machine may be used by any players regardless of their skills as its goal is to help you improve your game.

Players who have used tennis ball machines have their tales to tell. This is because it has improved their abilities.

Practicing tennis with a partner or coach is unquestionably beneficial. It is, however, impossible to find any of them accessible for extended practice sessions. That is why it is necessary to have the best tennis ball machines to solve the problem.

So, here we are with a list of the finest tennis ball machines available in the market for you!

Practicing with the Best Tennis Ball Machines

Best Tennis Ball Machines Reviews in 2021: Our Top Picks

1. Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine – Editor’s Best Choice

Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine Review

Under the Wilson Sporting Goods license, Sports Tutor manufactures the Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine. This tennis ball machine, whose brand is well-known in the tennis sector, offers various intriguing features at a reasonable price.

The interval of feeding can be set anywhere between 1.5 and 10 seconds. A rotating knob may be used to modify both settings in ten increments.

The elevation is controlled via an electrical system with a simple button layout on the panel. There are four distinct backspin and topspin options. Random oscillation is a characteristic of the Wilson Portable. You can avail of a two-line oscillation at an extra cost.

The charger has overcharging protection, and the battery will be fully charged in 18 hours. This is a feature that none of the other machines in this price range have.

All of the functions may be simply configured using the control panel on the machine’s side. Wilson portable gives you the same amount of court time as the competition. The usual practice time is 3 to 4 hours. The machine generally has a stronger grip on the game than any of the participants.

If you’re a single-player utilizing the machine only for yourself, I wouldn’t recommend you getting anything with more court time. If you’re searching for one for your tennis club, machines with extended court time should be considered.


  • Controllable spin and speed rate
  • Durable and sturdy build quality
  • Affordable price range
  • You can adjust the shot interval


  • Adding a remote control feature will cost you more

2. Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine – Best Seller

Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine Review

The Spinshot Player is the world’s most sophisticated battery-powered portable tennis ball machine. You may choose from a variety of pre-programmed exercises or create your own.

You can control the machine through the touch panel without any hassle. The machine can hold 120 balls which is adequate for personal training.

The Spinshot Player tennis ball machine has 12 pre-programmed drills. They simulate a vast range of shooting locations. Using the drill creator software, you may customize the drills to fit your skill level.

All the drills may be tailored to your needs, those of your family, or those of your club. Each of the six successive shots may have its spin, height, speed, and direction modified before being stored as a custom drill.

Because the Spinshot Player tennis ball machine employs high-power motors, the high-spin variant is more powerful. When high spin settings are used, the standard machine will deliver balls slowly. But, the high-spin variant can still shoot balls quickly.

Users may alter the parameters at any time to obtain low-spin balls. The high spin versions have no disadvantages. It just has a greater maximum speed and customizable spin.


  • Sturdy structure and build quality
  • Weighs only 42 lbs.
  • Drills can be customized
  • Affordable price range
  • Comes with some Advanced Features


  • Short battery life

3. Tennis Tutor Prolite Plus Ball Machine

Tennis Tutor Prolite Plus Ball Machine Review

The Tennis Tutor Prolite Plus comes with a fast set-up and varied speed adjustments. The Oscillator model of the battery allows for quickly getting ready for training sessions. The ball feed rate can be easily adjusted as well.

Optionally, you may use a Full-Court Oscillator to mimic a genuine match. Some variants are battery-powered, with built-in rechargeable batteries that may provide up to 2-3 hours of playtime.

The maximum speed of Prolite Plus is 75 mph, and the court time is 4 hours. Topspin is also included in the machine. More functions, however, are replicated in the machine’s body.

The Start-up Time Delay feature allows the player to move before the balls start shooting. You can also practice every stroke with a wide variety of trajectories that change from groundstrokes to lobs.

The added weight of the Prolite Plus is offset by built-in handles and wheels, allowing for easier maneuverability. The machine has a feeder for 110 balls.

Like all the other Tennis Tutor ball machines, the Prolite Plus includes a 5-second start-up delay. Furthermore, for an extra price, the machine provides the option of purchasing a remote control that can be operated on foot.

A typical two-button remote control may also be used with the Tennis Tutor Prolite Plus. This remote control, which regulates the side-to-side range of ball tosses, is a useful feature.


  • Long runtime
  • Sturdy and durable build quality
  • Oscillation and topspin
  • Comes with a remote control feature


  • Low ball capacity

4. iSAM Extend Tennis Ball Machine

iSAM Extend Tennis Ball Machine Review

Since the early 2000s, the iSAM tennis ball machines have been catering to everyone from beginners to semi-professional player. The iSam Extend, like the iSam ValueTM, has the same features as the iSam ValueTM but with longer battery life. With this machine, you can now receive 5-7 hours of court time!

The machine can serve at 15-70 mph and serve random oscillations because of its two-wheel delivery mechanism. There are also five manual adjustment settings included!

Islam is for you if you want a tennis ball machine with extended battery life. Its battery life will allow you to train for a long period.

The iSam Extend can hold 300 balls with a ball feed period of 2-10 seconds that may be adjusted. This enables a player to play for around 50 minutes without interruption.

There is no other machine on the planet that offers so many features within this budget. That’s why this machine has been on top of the list since the early 2000s! Because of their high quality, many of these machines can be seen on courts worldwide.

All of the aforementioned characteristics are further reasons why this machine is known as “The Families Choice Machine.” The challenge appeals to people of all ages. Being the best tennis ball machine under $1000, the iSAM Extend is suitable for everyone!


  • Adjustable ball speed
  • Affordable price range
  • Suitable for all age groups of people
  • Will run for 5-7 hours at a stretch
  • Good ball feed rate


  • A bit heavier and hard to move

5. Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine

Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine Review

Match Mate Rookie is handcrafted in Ohio by American craftsmen. It’s the first wheel-driven machine built specifically for young novices. It’s perfectly ideal for use on the courts or at home.

The battery lasts up to 5-7 hours on a single charge and includes a smart grid charger! Your machine will never be overcharged! Up to 70 balls can be stored in the Match Mate Rookie.

For young novices, the design and powers of equipment make perfect sense. Match Mate Rookie is a skill-focused ball machine that anybody can utilize from a complete novice to a seasoned pro.

It is made in the United States and has a high-grade aluminum exterior shell. There is no plastic in this area!

The Rookie was created with novices in mind. No random oscillation is implemented since young aspiring tennis players have to build their stroke sets.

Ball delay choices and a ball speed range of 10 mph to 27 mph are Rookie’s second feature for skill development. The addition of a strong 27 mph topspin is the third skill improvement.

Up to five hours of uninterrupted playtime is possible thanks to the rechargeable battery. Internal components are all composed of high-quality aluminum or steel. The Rookie will wait 10 seconds before tossing balls, giving the users time to position themselves.


  • Easy to control
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Made of high-quality and durable material
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • The charging cord needed to be a bit longer

6. Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine

Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine Review

Take a look at the MatchMate Quickstart model if you’re unsure about choosing the best tennis ball machine for beginners and kids.

It’s one of the greatest high-quality machines on the market, specially built for novices at an affordable price. This model is perfect for getting started if you’re a tennis teacher, parent of a young player, or a tennis novice yourself.

It may be utilized on any court with a width ranging from 36 to 78 feet, making it ideal for any practicing setting.

Sophisticated gamers will likely dislike this machine because it lacks some of the more advanced capabilities they may be searching for. The low price compensates for the absence of such features.

However, it is quite understandable given that it is aimed at youngsters and beginners. And for that reason, it performs a good job of mimicking fundamental gameplay with flawless execution.

The machine is rectangular in shape and small in size, making it easy to store. The body is composed of high-grade aluminum that is both rust-free and robust. Although the gadget is for beginners, it is nevertheless recommended to exercise caution while children are around.

Beginners might benefit from starting slowly and progressively to develop their abilities and reflexes.


  • Perfect for beginners and children
  • Provides a 10-second delay after each shot
  • It supports all sizes of balls
  • It comes with a top speed of 30mph


  • Not suitable for skilled players

7. Playmate Smash and Tennis Ball Machine

Playmate Smash and Tennis Ball Machine Review

The Smash and Tennis Ball Machine from Playmate is the ideal go-to tennis ball machine for those who routinely play tennis and are pros.

To be honest, it’s a big, hefty piece of equipment that takes up a lot of room to keep. Furthermore, because this equipment provides professional services, it is extremely costly to acquire.

But, in this price range, the machine has a lot to offer.  It can hold more than 300 balls so that you don’t have to pick balls while training. Furthermore, it can be upgraded to the Playmate PC tennis ball machine as well.

You can set the speed and spin to your liking, and the machine will take care of the rest. There are no functioning sounds either. People may relax and enjoy themselves in their courts. You can simply operate the machine by attaching a remote control.

The Playmate Smash is one of the greatest in the industry, with many features that will keep even the most ardent player on their toes.


  • It can be upgraded to various professional models
  • It can hold up to 300 balls
  • Sturdy build quality and durable
  • Easy to use control panel


  • Costly and quite bulky

8. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine Review

The Spinshot Pro falls into the middle-class category of tennis ball machines. It includes a ball feeder that holds 120 tennis balls.

This ball capacity is a product of Spinshot’s design and is consistent across all the machines of Spinshot. Four basic settings can be adjusted using the control panel.

You may choose between 18 and 68 mph for your speed range. The decision is made in steps, and you must first determine that 1 step equals around 5 mph. The fact that feed interval and speed are presented in units rather than actual measurements is also a characteristic of Spinshot machines.

The height of the shots is adjusted electrically, which is a huge plus because it eliminates the need to change the height of the shots manually. The Spinshot pro machine features a large selection of spins- the backspin has six distinct levels, while the topspin has six different levels.

It is far superior to what its competitors have to offer, but it falls short of what the sophisticated Spinshot Player model offers.


  • 2-3 hours of runtime
  • It can hold up to 120 balls
  • 2-10 seconds of feeding interval
  • Charges quicker than other machines


  • The battery has to be bought separately

9. Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine Review

Spinshot is well-known for manufacturing high-quality tennis ball machines. They strive to provide the best and most inexpensive tennis ball machines available for all levels of players.

You can also use this machine to customize your drills to help you develop your abilities. The Spinshot Plus 2 is a high-quality machine manufactured by a thin brand. This product has high-end features that assist in simulating the feel of a real match, making it an excellent choice for professional players.

The Spinshot Plus-2 has a long battery life and easy programmability. If you’re bored of repeating shot exercises, this machine is a good option as it can effectively replicate match circumstances.

You can also change the different exercises you wish to perform using the machine’s panel or the optional wristwatch provided by Spinshot. This machine’s vertical and horizontal oscillation capabilities enable you to create a larger range of training activities.

The machine is composed of strong and durable powder-coated aluminum. The material used in this product makes it resistant to knocks and scratches, making it nearly difficult to harm the case.

Even though the metal adds a bit more weight to the overall tennis ball machine, it is still quite easy to maneuver. The machine’s side-mounted wheels and extended black handle let you push and drag it around the court swiftly and easily.


  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • Perfect for professional players
  • Easily customizable programmability
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Adjustable Vertical and Horizontal Oscillation


  • A bit expensive machine

10. Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machines: Elite Grand Four, Elite One, Elite Two

Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machines Review

Lobster Sports is a well-known brand for manufacturing budget tennis ball machines. The Elite model of Lobster Sports comes with 3 variants. From these variants, you can choose your preferred one if you’re on a budget. The Lobster Elite Grand Four, Elite One, and Elite Two are ruling the market in budget-priced areas.

The Lobster Elite portable tennis ball machine has all of the essential features with the addition of triple oscillation. The machine comes with a remote control, making it simple to use from the opposite side of the court.

The Elite oscillates vertically and gives you a random pattern of short and deep shots. You can simulate match play by mixing horizontal vertical and horizontal oscillation features to shoot balls over the whole court.

Consider a machine that puts all of your strokes to the test, not just your backhand and forehand. The machine comes with a two-years warranty which increases reliability.

You can buy the premium charger from Lobster for prolonged play without the need to recharge. The quick charger allows the machine to run while charging, ensuring that your gaming time is not disrupted by a low battery.

This extra feature is available for purchase at any time and may be utilized on any Elite Series model. Check out this USER MANUAL for using any Lobster Ball Machine.


  • Pre-installed drills
  • It takes a short amount of time to charge
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Affordable price range
  • Good Warranty Periods


  • Adding the remote control feature will cost more

Buying Guide: Best Beginners Tennis Ball Machine in 2021

Buyers Guide for the Best Beginners Tennis Ball Machine

A tennis ball machine can help you develop your skill and gameplay, whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced tennis player looking to enhance your game and take it to the next level. Tennis ball machines are an excellent way to practice and enhance your abilities.

In fact, some tennis players claim that utilizing such devices has helped them improve their game. These machines are no longer as costly as they once were, and there are now numerous cheap choices for players who want to practice seriously and want their own machine.

Before you buy a tennis ball machine, you need to know what factors play the major roles and take your decision accordingly. Following are the factors that you need to consider.

Price Range of the Machine

High-quality tennis ball machines will surely cost a bit more than the average price ones. But, that doesn’t mean you have to empty your pocket to buy a tennis ball machine. There are plenty of good-quality machines that come within an affordable price range.

The price of tennis ball machines can vary from $400 to $6000. Finding the best tennis ball machine under $500 would be troublesome as the good ones will cost around $600 to $2000.

So, while purchasing a tennis ball machine, it is critical to set a budget since it will help you narrow down your selections. This purchase may appear to be costly at first, but it will payout in the long run in terms of enhancing your game. Private lessons can be replaced with a decent machine.

If you’re on a limited budget, search for machine alternatives that are inexpensive and suitable for a variety of skill levels. If you don’t want to sacrifice on features, you may invest in a high-end machine that a club will give you a loan and assist you in paying the rent.

You may also purchase it by splitting the cost with a friend or family member.

Tennis Ball Machine’s Power

For players’ convenience, it is always ideal to have a device that supports dual power options. When used outdoors, the tennis ball machine may be powered by batteries. And when you’re going to use it indoors, the machine can be attached to a power outlet to provide continuous gameplay.

It’s usually best to get a tennis ball machine that includes batteries. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy them individually if you want to use the machine outside without access to electricity.

Usability of the Ball Machine

Most ball machines have a learning curve that needs you to become accustomed to the functions. But some machines require more changes that have to be done manually, which can be troublesome to make every time you wish to play a new shot.

Others feature memory capabilities that remember your settings, so you don’t have to configure it every time you want to practice. Remote controls can save you time and energy by allowing you to make adjustments without going back to the machine. So, the easier your machine is to operate, the quicker you are to utilize it over time.

Ball Capacity

Ball capacity refers to the maximum number of balls that a machine can hold at any given moment. It’s vital to have a high ball capacity, so you don’t have to rush about collecting balls to replenish the machine after only a few minutes of play. A high ball capacity will allow you to play for longer periods of time.

High-quality tennis ball machines will be able to hold from 50 to 300 balls. You have to choose a machine that meets your needs. Once the machine starts throwing, it won’t stop until it drains all the balls.

Weight and Size

If you ask me, I’d suggest getting a portable machine for everyone. To ensure that, you have to get a machine that doesn’t weigh over 50 lbs. You don’t want to get tired just by setting up your machine before you even start practicing.

Battery power is customizable based on external or internal preferences available in certain battery-operated ball machines. When lifting, you’ll lose around 10-15 lbs. (5-6 kg) if you choose the external option.

A machine that is too light might move while firing balls at greater speeds, so it’s a balancing act, but 35-45 lbs. is somewhat a perfect range.

The smaller the equipment, the easier it is to move, which is a major benefit. It will also make things easier to throw in your automobile. Some of the machines will include foldable components, which will minimize the machine’s size during transportation.

Controlling Feature

Most tennis ball machines have three different controls: app control, control panel, and remote control.

Fully functioning remotes have many features, whilst basic remotes have a small number of features. Mobile apps for Apple or Android offer more features than remote controls.

Spin control, programmable elevation, custom drills, and other features are available on mobile applications, depending on your budget.

You must stop the game and make modifications using buttons while controlling the machine control panel. Alternatively, a smartwatch, a remote, or a smartphone app provides an uninterrupted game.

Speed and Feed Rate

The majority of the best tennis ball machines have speed ranges from 10 to 95 miles per hour. You have the option of selecting one that meets your speed needs. Advanced players or Intermediate players should seek machines with faster speeds. Simple logic – Advanced players need advanced machine!

The time between shots is referred to as the feed rate. You have to choose a machine which will be able to fulfill your demands based on your experience. A machine with greater time between shoots is recommended for beginners. Professionals might choose a tennis ball machine that can swiftly toss balls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does a tennis ball machine work?

Counter-rotating wheels are used by most of the tennis ball machines on the market. An electric fan pulls outside air into the canister after the machine starts. The air travels through a screen barrier and a layer of foam to protect the fan motor from particles.

To route the balls into the court, an electric motor-driven hopper is employed. The wheels compress the balls and apply great pressure on them during this process, pushing them into a tube that leads to a tiny aperture.

A detent is a squishy, rubbery circular region. The ball produces a seal that is airtight when it is stuck in the detent. A flap of plastic falls across the entrance at the same time, causing pressure to build.

The pressure thus eventually overcomes the detent’s resistance and shoots the ball into the court. The entry flap is opened when the pressure is removed, allowing another ball’s entrance into the tube. The procedure is continued until all of the balls have been used up.

Why do I need a tennis ball machine?

Tennis ball machines might help you get the most out of your practicing time. Even for the finest playing partner in the world, they provide a set of rewards that are difficult to match.

You can use tennis ball machines to train against certain shots that you want to improve. Most of these devices may be set in terms of where the ball should be struck and the sort of velocity and spin with which it should be hit.

Tennis ball machines, unlike your other tennis players, will always be with you for practicing. They don’t make excuses, they’re never weary, and they never feel lethargic after eating a large juicy hamburger. Tennis Bal Machines exist to help you improve your game.

They will last for years if you take excellent care of them and give you years of careful, focused practice if you take excellent care of them.

For these reasons, you can surely go for buying a tennis ball machine if you want to improve your game.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a tennis ball machine?

Advantages of tennis ball machines:

  1. Much cheaper investment than hiring a professional practicing partner
  2. You can practice at your own pace, depending on your learning curve
  3. Most of the machines’ drill programs are customizable, allowing you to reset them as you need
  4. Tennis ball machines are suitable for players of all skill levels and endurance

Disadvantages of tennis ball machines:

  1. A bad investment if you don’t practice regularly
  2. If you have friends who play regularly, you don’t need a tennis ball machine.
  3. Tennis ball machines cost a lot, so if you don’t choose one carefully, you can’t get much value for money out of it.

How long does a tennis ball machine usually last?

If you take good care of your tennis ball machines, they will last for 5-8 years or even more! Best tennis ball machines come with a warranty varying from 2-5 years or more. Make sure to buy one with the most warranty within your price range.

Why are tennis ball machines so expensive?

Tennis ball machines are specialized devices with quite complex electronic parts. It’s tough to fix or replace these parts. Different machines have different settings, you can’t use your same parts for every tennis ball machine. Furthermore, their build quality is pretty complex, which requires a lot of effort and investment from the manufacturer’s ends. Overall, for these reasons, tennis ball machines are so expensive.

Would a ball machine help improve my overall tennis game?

Yes, your overall tennis game would definitely improve with a tennis ball machine’s help. These machines shoot balls at a certain rate for as long as you need. A tennis player must practice stamina and consistency. Tennis partners have a lot of limitations, from being tired to not being available. But, tennis ball machines will keep shooting balls at the rate and function that you require, which will eventually improve your overall tennis game.

How to practice with a tennis ball machine?

Practicing with a tennis ball machine is even easier than practicing with a tennis partner. You can improve your tennis game just by following these easy steps with your tennis ball machine:

  1. Put the tennis ball machine in the corner of the tennis court. Make sure that the machine is placed one or two feet away from the sideline and baseline. This will depend on you being left or right-handed. Put the machine on your right if you’re left-handed, and put the machine on your right if you’re left-handed.
  2. Stand 1 or 2 feet away from the center.
  3. Start the ball machine and get it to shoot you topspin balls every 4-5 seconds. You have to move fast if you set less interval between the shots.
  4. Run to the right and left to return the shots and come back to the starting position.
  5. Keep repeating the steps as long as you need throughout your practice.


Tennis ball machines were once solely available to professional players only. However, as technology and simplicity of use have increased, as have the costs and sizes, they have been more accessible in recent years.

It provides you with the finest chances to improve your tennis skills. Maintaining a pace is easier with professional portions and speed adjustments according to your workout level.

Using tennis ball machines will eventually result in improved practice coverage for longer and more difficult drills. With a machine that has artificial intelligence, it is possible to practice from various angles and heights.

We hope you could find the most suitable one from our list of the best tennis ball machines in 2021!

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