What Are The Physical Benefits Of Playing Tennis? | Real Answers

Tennis is a very popular game in America and a magnificent way to keep yourself healthy. Did you ever imagine performing a full-body workout in tennis shoes? Tennis is a sport that engages numerous organs of your body. However, besides physical benefits, tennis is also an outstanding and fun sport.

In today’s world, we’re forbidden to do the social gathering, and tennis is a sport where you can maintain social distance. People of all ages can play this fun sport with their friends and family. Here in this article, we will talk about what are the physical benefits of playing tennis.

Physical Benefits of Playing Tennis

Physical Benefits of Playing Tennis:

According to research, there are so many sports and activities that increase a person’s lifespan. Tennis is one of those sports which has various physical benefits of playing. The physical benefits you will get by playing tennis are as follows:

Full body workout

Unlike the other sports, tennis has an excellent way to make you do a full-body workout. We all know that the player needs to chase the ball and hit it to play tennis. When you play tennis, you need to move your lower body to get around the court. And it requires a high level of activity to run across the court. Again when you hit the ball, you need much pressure from your upper body. Hence tennis makes you do a full-body workout while playing.

Weight loss

You need to keep running around the court to hit the ball with the racket. It requires you to use your whole body the whole time during a match. Thus tennis helps you to burn calories and cut fats from your body. In fact, you can lose more calories by playing tennis than running over a treadmill. 

The key to losing weight is to burn calories as much as possible. When a person plays tennis for an hour, they lose approximately 400 to 500 calories. When a person wants to shed 1 pound of fat, they need to burn around 3500 calories. That means you just need a week to lose 1 pound of fat by playing tennis.

Improve balance and flexibility

As we already said above, tennis is an excellent way to do a full-body workout through playing. It helps an individual to improve their physical attributes like balance and flexibility. Tennis is also a perfect way to enhance your agility.

You need to invest a level of agility in hitting difficult shots and a vast group of motions required to reach any court corner. And when you provide motions to running throughout the court, it helps to improve our flexibility. Again while playing the game, you have to push your body to perform, which improves balance. 

Cardiovascular fitness

Tennis is a sport where you play with extremely high intensity for a long time. This game is often categorized as an endurance game for the amount of time a match can take. On the other hand, tennis is filled with smaller intervals of exercises. That’s why when you play tennis, it helps your heart to pump fast, and you can develop your cardiovascular fitness level.

Increase the level of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vital part of our body to keep our heart healthy, and it also decreases the chances of cancer. Your body collects vitamin D from a robust immune system. So when you play tennis outside under the sun, your immune system gets stronger. 

And the more your immune system develops, your body can soak more vitamin D. It would be better if you can play outside at midday. But always remember to put on your sunscreen before you expose yourself to the sun. 

Is it any good to play Tennis?

Playing tennis is a very good way to start your exercise journey. Tennis sports come with a lot of short intervals of exercises which help to develop your physical condition. Whether you practice tennis every day or once a week, this fantastic sport will make you healthy. Tennis also helps to get you in shape by burning calories from your body. 

Tennis helps to reduce heart disease and also reduce the possibility of having cancer. A person can develop their physical attributes through playing tennis. Tennis is one of those sports that uses a person’s whole body rather than any particular muscles. That means you already need to have a significant level of fitness to play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should you warm up before playing tennis?

Doing warm-up before going to play any sports can reduce the chances of injury. It also helps to increase resilience on the court. That means you should warm up before playing tennis to prevent the possibility of getting hurt.

Do doctors recommend playing tennis?

Tennis has many benefits like lowering blood and fat, improving metabolic function, and so on. Doctors may not suggest playing tennis for too aged people, which means it depends on your age and physical fitness. 

How long should you play tennis?

Practicing tennis for one to two hours a day is enough. But do not take so many breaks in between. If you do take many breaks, then make sure they’re short breaks. 

Does playing tennis cause any harm to your body?

Who plays tennis can lead a healthy life as it includes so many moves. Moving your whole body helps to keep you healthy for a long time. Playing tennis doesn’t harm your body, but your bone joints and muscles may hurt a bit after playing. 


It is quite interesting to do exercises in tennis shoes. Tennis is just not only a sport but an effective way of developing physical conditions. When you play tennis, you need to use your whole body, which refers to a full-body workout. It not only burns your calories but also takes you in a good body shape.

Playing tennis at noontime is the best as the sunlight in midday has more vitamin D. Tennis helps your heart beat fast, helping to develop a heart condition. There are so many physical benefits to playing tennis regularly. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to do exercises, then why don’t you try to burn calories through a sport!

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