How to Play Outdoor Racquetball?

Do you know that you can play racquetball both indoors and outdoors? So you might enjoy playing racquetball but tired of playing it indoors. Then try playing outdoor racquetball under the open sky with a mild wind. 

But before you go out to play racquetball, you may wonder how to play outdoor racquetball? If this is what you’re curious about, then you will be glad to know that you’ve explored the right place. Here in this article, we will gather information for you on how you play outdoor racquetball.

How to Play Outdoor Racquetball

How to Play Outdoor Racquetball?

If you are interested in playing outdoor racquetball, then the following things you will need to play outdoor racquetball:

Equipment that you need

The rules of outdoor racquetball are quite similar to indoor racquetball. And the equipment is indistinguishable as well. Here are the things you need to have to start playing racquetball:

  1. A racquet. Before buying it, always check if the height, weight, and size of the racquet fit you.
  2. A ball. There are few colors available for racquetball, and it is 2.25 inches in diameter in size.
  3. Eyewear. It will protect your eyes from getting hit by the ball.
  4. A pair of court shoes. We would suggest you choose sports shoes instead of running shoes. 

Court specification

Basically, there is no specific court specification for outdoor racquetball as there are no official dimensions for the outdoor court. So you can prepare your own court by applying measurement. And that’s how the back and sidelines of the court may vary from other courts. 

Outdoor elements

A big part of the outdoor racquetball is nature as the match depends on how the weather is. If the wind is high, it will create obstacles while playing. The game can delay or postpone to another rain because of rain or snow. As the health safety of the players is also important.

The tournament of outdoor racquetball is generally held on a bright sunny day. But there is no specific weather condition needed to maintain an indoor racquetball. You will need to have sunglasses, a cap, and sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays

Outdoor racquetball players

Obviously, you need a competitor to play outdoor racquetball. But did you ever think about who are the best competitors for playing racquetball? The WOR (world outdoor racquetball) plates are the best competitors you will ever find. Racquetball does not include a back wall; sometimes, sidewalls are also not included in the court. 

Having a companion to play with is super fun, and it challenges you to grow expediently at the game. They will never judge you or laugh at you in your playing ways. Also, they can adapt to any situation quickly, which will help you. That’s why the majority of the WOR insists on training outside. 

How do you score in Outdoor Racquetball?

Are you new to playing outdoor racquetball and don’t know how to make this game score? Here are the rules of how you do score in outdoor racquetball:

How to score in racquetball

There are two ways of making scores – 1. A point is scored; 2. The serve is lost. Since there is only a chance to make scores while you’re serving, it’s essential to be aware and not lose the service quickly. It would be best if you read and learn the rules of racquetball serve rules. 

Rules of making scores

To win racquetball tournament games, you require 15 points. Basically, among both players who reach 15 points first will be the winner of that match. And when you play racquetball recreationally, it depends on the host how much point the player needs to have to be the winner. Few players may want to win the game by gaining 3 to 4 points, but that’s not how the racquetball game works.

Racquetball Match

The player or team of the racquetball match can win by winning the majority of the games. Usually, racquetball matches are held with three games. But few professional racquetball tournaments are held with five-game matches.

Tie-break games

If both player or team makes similar scores, it will be a tie. Then they have to play a tie-break match to find out the real winner of the tournament. In a tie-break game, a player needs to clear 11 points. Whoever reaches first at 11 points will be declared as the winner of the match. Just how the way they decide who will serve first may apply in tie-break games too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor?

The main difference between indoor and outdoor is the place. In indoor games or activities, you play in a limited place; also, the number of people is limited too. And in outdoor games or activities, you can play or do any task in a prominent place. Also, the weather condition is not necessary for indoor activities.

Can an indoor player play outdoors?

There are so many games that are played by people both inside and outside. For example, chess, cards, ludo can be played at home as well as in a park. But there are few games that only can be played in a large place. For example, you can play cricket, football, soccer, etc. But these sports are kind of an indoor thing when it is held inside a huge stadium. 

Which is a better place to play?

Playing outdoor racquetball is more popular than playing indoor racquetball. In fact, it’s more fun to play outside somewhere big. When you play racquetball as a team, you may find it a bit complex playing indoors with so many people. So, according to us, playing racquetball outside is much better than playing inside. 

Final thoughts

Racquetball is definitely a unique and fun game for both young and older people. To play racquetball, you require only a few things; we would suggest you not skip wearing eyewear. Eyewear is vital as it prevents the chances of getting hit by the ball. 

In this article, we also give you information on how to score in racquetball. If you play for any tournament, it is necessary to follow all the rules accordingly. We hope all the information above was helpful.

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