8 Best Racquetball Balls in 2022: Our Favorites!

Often, professionals acclaim themselves as the best players but never unveil their real secrets. Trust me when I say this – the kind of racquetball balls you choose can make you an indefinite loser or a thriving winner in all games.

Finding the perfect, best racquetball balls can be challenging. But with our extensive research, we can put you out of misery.

Worry not, as we have hand-picked the top-rated racquetball balls for your convenience. Discover real power, bounce, and consistent performance now! 

Simply, try out one or more of these racquetball balls to excel at every match. To know more about which ball will glide in perfectly with your play-style, keep reading!

Best Racquetball Balls

Top 8 Picks for Best racquetball balls in 2021 for you:

8. Python Blue Racquetball Balls – Best for Beginners

Python Blue Racquetball Balls

What’s better than a value pack that doesn’t only let you play and win but also entertains your dog? Want to know how? Keep reading!

These standard blue Python balls are extremely fast racquetballs, designed for indoor play. These racquetballs have been valued as best so far with the lightest strain on your arm plus easy on the muscle.

Don’t you hate it when you get pulled off potential wins due to your tired arm? Well, not anymore.

Nothing killer-shoots and smoothly rolls like the Python. I’m sure you’ve heard of the legendary Ruben Gonzalez. Yeah, well, not to gloat, but this is his preferred racquetball brand. The Python’s generic blue color and incompatible speed have won the legend over too. I mean, no pressure whatsoever!

A few points to note about this excellent value deal are that the racquetballs are tournament quality yet, lightweight, and easy on the arms. Best deal so far to attain 12 balls in one go. 

What’s more?

You will get 12 balls in a jug under $23. Furthermore, these balls are lightweight, leading them to enhance velocity and your gaming level. Through true sheerness and durability, you get the most value out of your money.

Now go ahead and play to win, but don’t forget to share with your pups too!

• Very durable
• Withstand to dog bites
• Extremely fast
• Expensive

7. Propenn HD Racquetball Balls

Propenn HD Racquetball Ball

Tired of having to choose from standard offers? Well, we have the solution for you!

You get to choose between three options at three pricing. So, what’s your ideal choice? 1, 4, or 12 cans of these imported Propenn racquetballs?

These are designed to make you excel at matches. The purple balls are targeted for racquetball practices, may that be in serious tournaments or recreational school plays.

The revolutionary Penn technology commits to greater comfort with each smack. You will also be offered unprecedented performance, with less to no vibration and torque.

Don’t miss out and choose your preferred combo. The biggest challenge you can serve is through its bounce and consistency. They’re also speedy, so ask your opponents to watch out!

Bring your A-game to every match as these are not only fast but endure perfect bounces too. Isn’t that a lot of challenges for your opponents to recover from?

Lighter weight and a softer feel, doesn’t that sound like the best collaborative technology for racquetball balls? On a brighter note, as the name says itself, the extensive definition of these balls determine a fast-paced game and better hand-eye coordination.

Moreover, it has consistent quality, thus, objectified as one of the greatest racquetballs for beginner players. Drag these through extensive use, but the durability will still be unmatchable.

I personally hate to see those little cracks and split in my racquetballs. It’s a big ‘NO.’ But the good news is that these Propenn racquetballs will never make you frown upon such inconsistency.

• Top-notch quality
• Three cans to choose from
• Durable and fastest ball option
• Prohibits crack and split
• Hard to follow in the dark due to color

6. Penn Pro Penn Racquetball Balls – Best Under $30

Penn Pro Penn Racquetball Balls

As a pro or advanced player, you’re always looking for extra-duty racquetballs. And, such qualities are rare to find, but what if I told you that we found your perfect equal?

Stick with me to know-how!

Nothing attracts players more than livelier speed and touring options. Furthermore, you get three options, each with a different price range. So, choose and play away with the world’s number one selling brand.

These green Pro Penns are widely used in worldwide tournaments. Along with long-lasting capabilities, these are consistent with speed, durability, and playability.

If you aspire to achieve extra-duty, highly responsive, and optimized performance – this is your endgame. Your games will have unmatchable oomph with a delicate touch. Sounds like you?

It is constructed with encore technology, and if you’re already a couple of feet deep into this journey of playing ball, you’d know what this means. So, what’s the wait?

These best racquetball balls under $30 are also renowned for durability and responsiveness. Needless to say that, with the slightest touch and less effort, you get results.

With each bounce and roll, you will be delivered optimum performance.

But here’s the catch – these are not only restricted to professional or advanced players but are the favorite of toddlers and pets too!

Play to win with each glide and roll and impress your audience.

• Easy bounce and roll
• Durable
• Bigger in size
• Extremely responsive
• Not adequate for beginner players

5. Wilson 20/20 Racquetball – Best for Visibility

Wilson 20/20 Racquetball

So you’re thinking of getting your hands on a racquetball ball with the highest visibility? Good news: these racquetball balls from Wilson will provide the most increased visibility and are great for indoor and outdoor play.

Let me ask you this – are you a genuine advanced player trying for an opportunity to whack your opponent? Or, just the hard wall? Well, you’ve reached your best luck.

All under $6, these three balls per can will never disappoint your casual or formal game. But we’re not done yet. These balls are not made with the most challenging material; thus, they have a form of squishiness to them, which lets them roll and slide easily with the softest of touch.

Say goodbye to ankle and wrist sprains with these affordable best racquetball balls.

Highly acclaimed for its visibility feature, these racquetballs excel in bounciness, sturdiness, and durability too. Great for both in and outdoors, and the best part is – it’s very cheap!

Furthermore, another added bonus to this piece is how dogs find this as the perfect texture to chew upon. Hence, you get to multi-use these racquetball balls.

Its vibrant, glossy pink color is visible in the lowest light or bright daylight. You will also receive perfect balance and focused smash with each hit resulting from its ideal size.

Users highly recommend it because it’s highly indestructible. This goes without saying that they will last a long time and maintain consistent bounciness through their life-span.

Get all the value for your spent money in durability, sturdiness, and consistent performance. It’s up to you to choose because everything under $6 seems like a pretty good deal. But what about you? Does it sound good?

• Highest visibility
• Great bounce
• Sturdy and durable
• Very cheap for the quantity
• Great for pets too
• You can also use this ball with any beginner level racquetball racquets
• It is a slower ball!

4. Penn Ballistic 2.0 Racquetball – Best for Speed

Penn Ballistic 2.0 Racquetball

Handling explosive speed is undoubtedly no child’s play. But are you one of those who can keep up?

If yes, say hello to the fastest racquetball ever created and bid your clumsy, old racquetballs goodbye.

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. So, the real question is – can you own up to this high velocity that this intense racquetball allows you to bear?

It is designed explicitly for outdoor plays with enhanced durability and lightning bolt speed. However, it’s excellent for indoor space as well, unless you end up breaking something. Stay alert!

Ask any offensive player, and they will swear by the Penn Ballistic 2.0. The critical reason for such a commitment is its ‘Flash-like’ speed, bounce, and visibility.

The red color further optimizes visibility, even during low lighting. And, for the price point, which is under $8, Penn Ballistic has genuinely lived up to its name.

Although it drips with lightning bolt speed, it is, at the same time, very lightweight. So, you will never stress your arm during prolonged matches.

Moreover, they add tones of consistent bounce during games; hence, to sum up, the Penn Ballistic can give you excellent visibility, consistent bounce, and undeniable speed.

You may not be Flash, but who’s to say that you can’t play like him?

• Highly visible
• Extreme speed
• Cheap
• Great bounce
• Low durability
• Prone to breakage

3. Penn Ultra-Blue Racquetball – Best Seller Balls

Penn Ultra-Blue Racquetball

If you’re a beginner just scanning the racquetball gaming field, then these racquetball balls might just do the trick for you. Why? Bear with me and keep reading to know!

These Penn balls are coated in ultra blue color to give off sheer visibility even in moody lighting and are about a tennis ball’s size. All tennis players are familiar with this particular size of balls, so the racquetball players now!

Even though these balls’ intended purpose is for beginners to excel in learning and practicing, just like any other racquetball, these are great for dogs and children too!

Thus, children, beginners, and pup lovers get in here!

Multi-usability is labeled on these sturdy, beginner-friendly, and durable racquetballs. With minimal spend, you get the most use out of these. A great deal for the value, right here!

The balls are essentially made of proper microscopic texture, thus allowing the ball to get a good grip on the table or court. The guarantee is for you to have an enjoyable, uninterrupted play.

Due to extreme durability, the balls are committed to no breakage or split either, and will serve you for the longest time. These balls are incredibly sturdy as well, which makes the buyers keep coming back for more.

And seriously, for this price, who wouldn’t repurchase? You will receive three balls in a can.

Furthermore, these blue ultra racquetballs have shown actual, long-lasting capacities, amongst other great things. This is a great way to enjoy all your games and learn along the way!

• Great visibility
• Targeted for beginners
• Multi-use
• Sturdy and durable
• Not great for offensive games

2. Penn Pro Penn Green Racquetball Balls – Best #2 Seller

Penn Pro Penn Green Racquetball

Aren’t we all in search of the best with any product that we buy? Well, let me represent to you the Pro Penn Green racquetball balls, which come in a hefty 12-ball jug.

Are you intrigued? I’m sure you are. Keep reading to know more!

You know what they say – ‘Grass is greener on the other side.’ Well, this is the other side of the racquetball world. This 12-pack pro dream comes in a tight, airtight container and promises to provide the best and easy solution for regular players.

Although the total cost is under $25, the price per ball is lower than that of other contemporaries. With its bright blue color, it will not only light up your day but also your matches with beaming scores.

The re-seller counts keep going up all due to its unmatchable adaptation features. You could be an amateur, heck you could be a pro too, but these racquetballs will glide according to your preferred speed, bounce, and control. 

It will deliver mediocre balance, adequate speed, and control. Now you may question its mediocrity. But hear me out, due to this balanced speed and power, it promotes the ball to slide off and roll towards you with any trajectory, in any position or angle.

But there is a catch.

The best selling racquetballs are known as so because the dogs seem to love it too! Now in 12 pack jar, it’s only fair to share them with your beloved furry buddies as well, isn’t it?

For a great value per unit, you will be using these racquetballs for multiple purposes. Here’s your bang for the buck deal!

• Easy to use
• Durable
• Dog-safe
• Fast and high visibility
• Indestructible
• Great Control
• Over-priced

1. Penn Head Ballistic 2.0 Racquetball Balls – Editor’s Best Choice

Penn Head Ballistic 2.0 Racquetball

Be prepared to have your mind blown. Ready?

Say hello to my personal favorite, the all-rounder Head Ballistic 2.0. Don’t you want to know what makes this so unique? That’s what I thought.

The product is under $25; yes, we know you’ve raised your eyebrows. But let me clarify before I get ahead of myself. Stacked in a jug full of 12 balls, doesn’t the cost seem relatively cheaper now?

Well, you will know more about how these best racquetball balls in 2021 bring out the high value and the best in you with their optimized qualities. Just keep reading!

The head ballistic never disappoints as it’s right to all the claims. Acclaim yourself with high speed and high-definition visibility. Your no-miss record can’t be beaten with this magnificence!

You will smoke out your opponent into nothingness with the explosive speed, and high durability jammed into these racquetballs. Doesn’t that sound tempting? But hold on, there’s more.

Along with such greatness, you will also fail from missing any hits as the vibrant red color increases visibility. Let’s face it; there’s nothing more frustrating than an overlooked impact and that snarky grin from your contender later. Ugh!

Rated the best racquetball balls for durability and speed, users also rave about the value you get from this purchase from HEAD. But the catch is that it also lasts a long time!

May your wins last longer than your wish to play – whether in or outdoors!

• High definition and easy to see
• Great durability
• Long-lasting
• Lively and gives your game an oomph
• Head’s Best Seller
• A great combination with any racquets
• Pricier than contemporaries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions About Racquetballs

How long do racquetball balls last?

The average period that racquetballs last are around 6 to 10 games. Everything that the ball contacts must be administered while considering how long the balls could last. Whether you play indoor or outdoor, it plays a vital role too. Usually, playing ball indoors lasts longer as the racquetballs contact harder surfaces like concrete when played outdoors. 

How to choose the best racquetballs?

You can rely on the list below to ace your racquetballs purchase. These are some points to note and assure before you step into a game.

  • Ball’s speed
  • Color of ball 
  • Size
  • Material
  • Durability and
  • Brand

Refer to as many guides as you can to know more about these specifications. You will never succeed at your current gaming level if you’re stuck with minimal knowledge.

What do racquetball colors mean?

The difference in color presumes a difference in speed as well. There are too myriad ball types to choose from, which is a plus point as these colors serve all kinds of players. Which one lures you in? Let’s find out!

  • Blue Racquetballs – If you’re looking for the best type of ball for recreational games, this will be your go-to. Blue racquetballs pose a mix of consistency, mediocre speed and are most liked by beginners.
  • Green Racquetballs – Best known for being the fastest amongst all. When it comes to competing between green and blue, green racquetballs always conquer due to their velocity. Furthermore, green racquetballs offer more outstanding durability compared to outdoor racquetballs.
  • Black racquetballs – Key components that are jammed in these balls are durability, consistency, and speed. It delivers longer trajectories and prolonged time in the air.
  • Purple Racquetballs – These purple substitutes will inevitably keep advanced players on their toes at all times while being fast and lively. The downfall of this piece is its lower durability. 
  • Red racquetballs – It is Perfect for outdoors due to its incompatible speed, visibility, and construction. If you’re prone to tough thrashes, these are the strongest and fastest market options. Our Best choice, Head racquetballs are also Red!
  • Pink Racquetballs – Although some refrain from opting for these because of the color, on the contrary, these are great for speed and a lively play.
  • Multi-colored Racquetballs – Supremely dedicated for ultimate visibility for both in and outdoors, this ideal racquetball serves under all lighting conditions and the table surfaces.

Is racquetball a good workout?

Racquetball matches result in extensive cardio, train strengthening, endurance, and agility. It is essentially a full-body workout that also brings mental fortitude. As it is so well-rounded, it has shown seemingly greater chances of a workout.

Its cardio workout advantages also help develop and strengthen muscles, heighten flexibility and coordination. Furthermore, it adjusts and improves reflex actions, including hand-eye coordination, balance, maneuver, and foot coordination.

Does your playstyle matter while buying racquetball balls?


Now, you may have minimum or zero experience under your belt, and that will indefinitely decide which racquetball ball you should go for. For beginners, blue racquetball balls have been known never to go wrong. These are potent for indoor play for beginner to intermediate level players.

On the other hand, if you’re a professional opting to tour and enrich your skill level, the scenario will slightly change. Your decisions will depend heavily upon your style of play. Are you an offensive player? Or, do you play for recreational experiences? Either way, no professional denies the fact that they play to win. Hence, red and pink racquetball balls have shown great potential for outdoor plays due to high speed and visibility.

Final Words for the Best Racquetball Balls 2021

If you’re a beginner, don’t stress about the details much. You will have the least to know about what’s right and what’s bad for you at this stage, anyway.

However, you will grow and learn more as you keep experiencing this game. The best racquetball ball will need to endure the correct size, weight, color, durability, sturdy capacities, and life span. Again, if you’re still an amateur, then never mind these boring features.

Leave it for the professionals. But you know what not to do?

Compromise on quality. That’s a big NO!

With that being said – I will leave it to your fair judgment. Get the best racquetball balls and win every game!

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