10 Best Racquetball Racquets in 2022: Comprehensive Buying Guide

The best feeling in the world is to paralyze your competitor with the notion of losing at a racquetball game. When they grip their racquets till their knuckles turn white out of fear – you’re already the winner. Have you ever been there? Effortless swings and bashful smashes deliver nothing if you do not own the Best Racquetball Racquet.

A beginner could be lost in this whirlpool of poor and great racquets. Even then, as the battles continue between the two – we have pulled out some of the best racquetball racquets for you.

These have made it to our top 10 lists due to their highly appreciated features and enhancement powers for every player. So, stick with HonestPlayers to know which racquet is the missing piece to your puzzle.

On a hurry? Check out our Top 3 choices here:

Gearbox M40 165 Teardrop Racquetball Racquet
Gearbox M40 165 Teardrop Racquetball Racquet

Editor’s Choice

  • Two grip sizes
  • Great Power and control
  • Balance 13mm heavy head
  • Great Look
  • Verified 5 Star Reviews
E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet
E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet

For Professionals

  • Comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Powerful and accurate
  • Smooth swing
  • No vibration
  • Durable Build
  • Positive Reviews
Gearbox M40 165 Teardrop Racquetball Racquet
Gearbox M40 165 Teardrop Racquetball Racquet

Value for Money

  • Best Under $100
  • Durable build
  • Well-balanced
  • Lightweight
  • 5 Star Rating on Amazon
Best Racquetball Racquets

Our Top 10 Pick for the Best Racquetball Racquets in 2021:

10. HEAD Radical Edge 175 Racquetball Racket

HEAD Radical Edge 175 Racquetball Racket

Firstly, we have the most wanted product, which is under $100. When you read about its features, you will be shocked to learn that it’s one of the best racquetball racquets yet, the cheapest.

Main Features

Performance is vital now in every game. After thorough assessments and keen attention, HEAD designed the best one in the market. The Innegra hybrid composition leads to more excellent stability, shock absorption, and durability. 

Now, let’s give you two options to choose from – aggression or accuracy? Which one do you think is more vital? Doesn’t matter because you get the best of both worlds with its two-string patterns construction. 

A pro player must not dither in getting this racquet. Besides its stability, high-quality construction, attention to each mundane detail, and so on – it is most importantly under $100. This is your ultimate bang for the buck deal.

It is also dedicated to pro players so you can channel all the power that you can muster in your arm and deliver it through this racquet. Attention to every detail is essential, and HEAD has won many hearts with this piece due to that calibre.

You need to exhibit less effort but will be gifted with more power. So, little trouble and more play. The shots are accurate and fast, as well. Expect a reasonable return with this lightweight product. It is also very famous for its reliable performance with every hit and return. 

The name has the word ‘radical’ in, and honestly, in reality, your gaming level will change radically if not anything higher too. And no, I’m not exaggerating.

• Best Under $100
• Stable
• Well-balanced
• Lightweight
• Not Suitable for Beginners

09. Gearbox M40 165 Teardrop Racquetball Racquet

Gearbox M40 165 Teardrop Racquetball Racquet

It is only fair that we talk about our young players now. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. This M40 racquet is renowned as the best for young players.

Main Features

The Gearbox is acclaimed for caring about all age groups and so, as this carbon fibre structured frame penetrates the market with its thriving control, power, and durability.

Its design and colour scheme is very eye-catchy. The 165 tear-drop looks and feels strikingly captivating but doesn’t lack in delivering apt power via the modulus graphite and extended C3 power construction.

The grip sizes can come in 3 5/8 or 3 15/16 with 18 gauge black monofilament. With a balance of 13mm massive head and the smoothest swing ever, young players will label it their personal ‘ride or die.’

Young players want power, stability in performance, durability with the right scoop of control. This product has adamantly sustained to be that and more. If the price point is less of an issue, this racquet is the best one for younger players.

Previously, we have raved about its vibration control, lightweight, and durability. Well, let’s not bother you with the grimy details again because all those are a stand-out in this product as well. But the question is, does a racquet that sums up at about $240, seem like a legit deal for a young player?

We will let you be the judge of it.

• Two grip sizes
• Power and control
• Balance 13mm heavy head
• Not suitable for old age players

08. GEARBOX M40 170 Quad Racquetball Racquet

GEARBOX M40 170 Quad Racquetball Racquet

Imagine going to bed relaxed after a long-night tournament with your peers and waking up to fighting the urge to go back to the field again. This shall remain a dream for many, but you don’t necessarily have to be that person.

Stick with us to know why.

Main Features

As advancement progresses, we keep forgetting the restrictions and preferences that come along with age. Racquets are mostly aimed at the younger throbs whereas, the variety for older players keeps constricting. To bridge this gap, Gearbox has brought the best racquet for former age players.

The construction of a solid frame in the product ensures heightened control, durability, and also exhibits power on demand. It doesn’t necessarily take a dig into power-play, keeping the age barriers ahead as a priority. So, the power on demand is a perfect fit for many.

The M40 also has an optimized frame response in the sense that it will deliver a more crisp and lively feel while remaining more potent than many other contemporaries. However, even though it’s soaked in power, it still promotes a lightweight feel.

With a bonus of being durable, the product only owns up to being easily manoeuvrable, enhanced sweet spot, and more significant string deflection. Isn’t that sweet!

We will simply put it as it is. This one is the best racquet for older players. With age – stamina, power, control, and play style – everything either changes drastically or some remain the same while others move to higher priorities. This racquet is best as it serves those specific preferences.

Let’s jump into the talk of the town with this piece – the vibration. Vibration control stands out as one of the most robust features in this product due to its’ contract to eliminate’ vibration technology. The stretch in strings increases to control the vibrating components. What’s more, is that it has an adjustable rubber damper system attached at the bottom, horizontally, for a customized feel.

The bottom line is, if a racquet that’s targeted for older players at a price point of $250 sounds genuine to you then, hop onto their site and buy it. This might turn into your favourite purchase of all time.

• Powerful and durable
• Great manoeuvrability
• Enhanced vibration control
• Exquisite frame design
• Power stringed
• Not adequate for younger or professional players

07. Wilson Pro Staff Racquetball Racquet

Wilson Pro Staff Racquetball Racquet

Does a racquet worth $220, sound like a good deal to you? Or does it look like a splurge that you’re not willing to risk?

Main Features

Whatever your underlying wish maybe, this piece has made into our list of the bests due to its style, brand name, and features. Keep reading to know more.

You will get to prevail three exclusive styles with this Wilson product; Pro Staff w/ Countervail, Pro Staff Lite w/ Countervail, and Blade Lite w/ Countervail with 170g, 165g, and 150g as their weights, respectively. 

It stands out loud with its massive head and a tear-drop shape. The factory grip is constructed of a micro-hybrid – which is one of the many reasons why this design is exclusively high-ended.

Do you know what the best part is? That it holds records of crushing opponents into misery. But like many of us, aren’t you intrigued to know more about these three exclusive racquets’ superiority? We know you are, so let’s hop right in!

Have you ever felt your energy level drastically pulling you down during games? That happens due to muscle fatigue that stresses your arm into losing the battle. This is precisely why players pay extra attention to the grips’ style and texture. I’m telling you this because it’s finally time to say goodbye to this product’s muscle fatigue.

Well, it all boils down to preference. But you get to choose between three high-quality racquets by Wilson that pledge to serve superiority in terms of power, control, and design. If you don’t mind the buck, then this shall be a promising investment for you.

The Countervail series is intricately designed to reduce stress and fatigue, optimize energy-play and shorten after-shock or recovery time.

The most emphasis was put into hybrid power-feel and control. Although the tear-drop is a pretty standard design, nothing about the features in these racquets claim standard. They’re all superior; hence, the price point is justified.

• The 170g is claimed to be the best racquetball racquets by Wilson.
• Well-balanced and powerful
• Improved control
• The grip may not be adequate for all.
• Head bumper is weak

06. E-Force HeatSeeker Racquetball Racquet

E-Force Heatseeker Racquetball Racquet

Now, we will present to you the best bang for the buck product. Players have a specific budget that they do not want to overburden their wallets with. Well, with this E-force edition you will get the best racquetball racquets under $200.

But we’re jumping ahead, so stick with us to know why it gets better.

Main Features

Other than being the best under $200, it is also great for recreational and experienced players. This edition of 3.0 is higher than the previous ones as it has been exclusively targeted to attain higher power in every play.

Who doesn’t want to kick it up a notch in a racquetball game, right? That is precisely what this model will allow and so much more. It weighs about 190g and is at a standard length of 22 inches. But wait, there’s more.

Some of its most striking features include a carbon head, tri-carbon frame, zero Richter tubes, hi compression wing, and hi-octane power boosters. Why am I telling you these? 

Because these specifications indicate how this piece is a powerhouse of racquetball games, is sturdy, durable, and lets you be the boss of it. Although it’s lightweight and doesn’t strain your arm with unnecessary tension and stress, it also illuminates the most vigorous action.

If you’re an advanced or expert player, who wants an ultimate power-play, get this product. The catch is that you will not find another match which is under $200. If you want a sturdy, lightweight, and powerful racquet, don’t wait any longer and go for this.

Haven’t you always dreamt of improving your power game by 100%? Well, your solution to climbing up the ladder on that note is right here. With a standard grip size of 3 5/8, powerful smacks, and a lighter-than-air feeling, your luck will be unbeatable.

• Extremely powerful
• Sturdy
• Lightweight
• Might be expensive for some

05. HEAD Black Widow/Scorpion/Cobra Racquetball Racket

HEAD Black Widow-Scorpion-Cobra Racquetball Racket

The next product we have is an all-rounder, which stands out due to its low price. Things to note are that it is under $150, and it comes in three weights. Come, and let’s take a dig at what this product has to offer.

Main Features

The Black Widow is 160g, Scorpion is 170g, and lastly, the Cobra is at 180g. The names say it all and thus are labelled as the Deadly series. How does this help you? Well, three weights mean variations in prices as well. Now that’s a deal which sounds tempting, am I right?

The black widow, Scorpion, and Cobra have very well-balanced frames; however, the head is just a tad lighter. Although the head is brighter, the weight is constructed to distribute evenly, starting from the middle of the racquet. It looks and feels aggressive yet maintains balance and toughness throughout.

This specific design resembles innovation with the gift of power, more excellent manoeuvrability, and smoother swings. Even more, it is mainly packed with high-performance material to deliver unparalleled control in vibration, stability, and durability.

It also comes in a 3 5/8 grip. Which one is your preference? Muster up all your courage because these best racquetball racquets will lead you to massive hits and sky-rocketing points. Go on and hard crack the wall; it is guaranteed to hold up to any sort of thrashing.   

If you want consistency in power, manoeuvrability, control, and stability, then you’ve just been introduced to your match. Besides, three weights at three varying prices are a bonus. Including the names and design – everything screams aggressive and power with this product.

The grip is beneficial as it fits into your palms perfectly and allows twists and turns. The blend of ergonomics is lost in many of the skinnier designs; hence, this attribute is very thoughtful. The broader base also gives you a larger sweet spot!

At this point, we’re just waiting for you to try out this bad boy and feel amazed at its perfection.

• Great manoeuvrability
• Lightweight
• Great precision
• Powerful and controlled
• Three weights at three prices
• Could have hairline cracks
• Too heavy for some

04. HEAD Zeus/Hades/Ares Racquetball Racquet Series

HEAD Zeus-Hades-Ares Racquetball Racquet Series

How do three different pressures and prices sound to an advanced player? Isn’t it everyone’s fantasy to have variations that feed into our preferences?

Well, let me tell you why this is a jackpot. 

Main Features

This series contains 165, 170, and 175g worth of varying weights for you to choose from. Besides, the catch is – the prices are different for each! It also has two grip sizes available because, let’s face it; that’s one of the vital options players want, right?

Moreover, the Zeus, Ares, and Hades are lined up as one of the company’s biggest hits thus far. It has been targeted for everyone. Don’t worry about its sturdiness, as each one of these racquets has been tested with the utmost thrashes. 

Honestly, Zeus, Ares, and Hades sound like three protagonists from some paradoxical movie who can generate supernatural powers. Well, even though it’s a huge drag, advanced players would think so while holding this piece. It can serve the most potent hits – deeming it anything but less potent.

A dimension of 20 x 10 x 1 inch also comes with a six months manufacturer’s warranty. So you can be sure to put your money in the right basket. May your playtime be an hour or 10; this sturdy racquet will be smashing your opponent and bringing up your points with every swing.

This racquet possesses excellent stability and durability. But amongst the other features, three differing weights for three varying prices are a great deal. If you’re an advanced player, this is perfect for you.

Your simple touch to high performance, advanced material, great power, stability, and unparalleled control is right here. So, what are you waiting for?

• Three deals
• Powerful
• Durable and sturdy
• Has been tested
• Stable and eliminates vibration
• Fragile compared to other racquets

03. E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet – Best for Beginners

E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet

If you’re ready to challenge your opponent dead-on, this E-force racquet best for intermediate players will grab you the winning points.

Prepare to have your mind-blown as this racquet comes in 4 styles. What are your preferred weight, price, and shape? The options are endless, so have a go at it! 

Main Features

You will have the pleasure of choosing between two quadra-form racquets with a weight of 160 and 175 or two tear-drop racquets, which can come in either of the weights – 170 or 190. Thus, you can satisfy your play style as you keep enriching yourself in this game.

Yes, we admit that out of all the E-force racquets that consume the market, the apocalypse series may be the most expensive, but it is famous for definite reasons. You’re a serious player, and you’re here to make some serious choices. Isn’t it worth spending some cash on something you pour your heart and soul into?

Of course, it is! With extinguished powerhouse technology and boosters, it is irrevocable that this product will bring in power and accuracy with each strike. It is meticulously designed with long strings and zero Richter tubes, which leads to an enlarged sweet spot; for you to hit and bang with no faults. 

This Apocalypse piece comes in 2 different styles and four varying weights. Then again, the product allows you to grow and adjust while playing with a powerful, controlled, and durable racquet. It’s highly recommended to intermediates for the price point, as well.

It further provokes stability and minimal vibration; which is honestly, every player’s dream. I hate to have to endure that nasty after-shock with every hit or miss. It causes great strain and tension in my arms. What about you? 

• Comes in different shapes and sizes
• Powerful and accurate
• Smooth swing
• No vibration
• Strings could lose stiffness

02. E-Force Apocalypse Beta Racquetball Racquet – Best for Intermediate

E-Force Apocalypse Beta Racquetball Racquet

This racquet summons all the amateur and beginner players. With its distinct features, any beginner player wanting to scan this gaming field will love this racquet.

Main Features

This new beta series is a continuation of their power booster series. And as the name proclaims itself – everything about this racquet illuminates power along with even balance and a zero Richter tube x2 technology.

Under $200, you will get explosive responses and serves. Yes, you read that, right!

You will be genuinely pleased with how this moulded blend of power, control, and durability can take your gaming experience to a whole new level. As you keep growing, you will be adjusting to heavier rackets. Thus, at the beginning of your journey, a lightweight racquet will fit you well.

The apocalypse comes in a dual cylinder and tri-carbon frame. It has a high-compression wing embedded. Why am I telling you these? To enhance your knowledge of how this product is so lightweight yet, efficient. It’s all a tactic of technology and your targeted needs. So, does it sound satisfying? I bet it does.

The product lets you grow and adjust while playing with a sturdy, controlled, and durable racquet. It’s suitable for beginners due to the price point as well.

Beginners merely try to fit in, initially. But, this racquet will allow you to excel in all your games too! With tons of power and control – you will be indestructible.

• Tons of power
• Durable
• Lightweight
• Wrist thong could come off.

01. Gearbox 2019 M40 165Q Racquet – Best Choice

Gearbox 2019 M40 165Q Racquet

Our best choice thrives as the most outstandingly durable product by Gearbox. To know more about this thrasher, which drips with high power, manoeuvrability, durability, and control, stay with us, and keep reading.

The two new elements that make it exceptionally higher than other best racquetball racquets out there are its meticulous graphite construction and extended power. If you’re a player wanting to go for the best choice, you will want the highest strength to smash your opponent, wouldn’t you?

Main Features

A crisper look and a livelier power – that’s all you need to win any game with these best racquetball racquets. It’s designed in a ‘wide-to-length’ ratio. And for those of you who aren’t acquainted with the term, it lets immense power run through the entire length of the racquet.

This orange droplet of sunshine comes in a longer handle for better performance and manoeuvrability. Your sweet spot is thus extended due to its enhanced width design. Needless to say, why some players think that this racquet is a perfect blend of power and technology.

Meanwhile, there’s more to this magnificence. You must be wondering how it delivers better control and power on demand. Well, let’s clarify that by telling you that it’s structured with 100% carbon fibre. This robust frame technology also promotes a higher frame response.

But don’t let the red alarms go off yet. I know it sounds hefty, but it’s very lightweight and methodically done to increase the perfect swishes and serves while being gentle on your arms. 

Let me ask you this – Don’t you hate it when there’s a higher vibration on your racquet than the actual hit?

At a reasonable price of below $300, you will be delightedly stuck with maximum control, enlarged sweet spot, and high power. The cherry on top is its durability, making it an eye-catching racquet for all genres of players.

Well, with this best choice of ours, you can leave that worry behind, as it is also exclusively constructed to eliminate vibration during contact and give you a lighter after-shock. All in all, a pretty great deal!

Choosing the Best Badminton Rackets and Best Ping Pong Paddles would be a lot easier than choosing the best racquetball, right? – No! Readout our articles to know about those too.

• Lightweight
• Greater manoeuvrability
• High power
• Very durable
• Pricier than other contemporaries

Buying Guide for the Best Racquetball Racket in 2021:

Buyers Guide for Best Racquetball Racquets

Take help from our buying guide, to opt for the correct racquet/best racquetball racquets that will feed into all of your needs. It isn’t easy to round into one; however, a few considerations like the ones discussed below will blow away your confusions into thin air. 

So, here is the thing – four categories that make your racquet – the best one of them all.


Let us explain to you what a light racquetball racquet and a heavier one can deliver to you. And then, you get to have a go at it. Sounds good? Great!

Well, we will begin with what a lighter racquetball racquet is, which is renowned for being ideal for players who are prone to faster swing speeds. These players primarily fall under the category of being an advanced or expert player. Are you one of them? Check out a lighter racquet then. When we say ‘light,’ we directly refer it to be as being greater or equal to 175g; and this weight percentage promotes more control and manoeuvrability. 

On the other hand, heavy racquetball racquets which weigh equal to or less than 185g are the best racquetball racquets for an amateur or intermediate player. These racquets will let you manoeuvre your games with slower swing speed. However, the heavier ones are best-liked due to higher power and durability. 

You can also distinguish between the racquets by their ‘head sizes”. Lighter racquets have a smaller head size and vice versa. They’re both great racquets, but they do their job well if the players pick them correctly. 

Frame Shape

It is rather challenging to navigate the sweet spot on a racquet, but there’s no stopping you once you do. The sweet spot can incline slowly on how large or tiny the racquet frame is.

The two styles that the best racquetball racquets come in are either triangle or quadric. The quadratic form has a larger surface; thus, a larger sweet spot too. It’s easy to identify if the structure is more triangular or quadric in a generic tear-drop shape. Just look at where the shape starts from to understand. 

Triangle racquets have a more confined sweet spot, but the catch is that it promotes increased power. This alone erects as the essential reason why most advanced players opt for a triangle racquet. Consider your swing style and precision before realizing which one to buy.


Ideally, what do most players look for in the material? Toughness and durability, right? Well, there you go. But wait – obviously, there’s a bit more to it. It’s smart to ensure durability as your racquet will be hitting walls, floors, balls, amongst other things during the game. Snapping from a mere contact is a big no!

Sturdiness is assumed by its ‘thrash’ enduring ability. Furthermore, you will require a light racquet and create no tension or strain on your arm. Therefore, the quality of the aluminium and graphite construction is vital to make it lightweight but durable.  

Grip Size

The vital question that dangles at this point is – do you prefer a smaller or bigger grip? And although a huge chunk of the racquetball population will grab the smaller ones, it solely relies on its own comfort and preference.

A small grip has 3 5/8″ dimension and accommodates optimized wrist snaps, thus accumulating higher power. Similarly, a more prominent grip has a size within a range of 3 7/8″ – 3 15/16″. This extended range allows convenience for players with swollen hands that are specially designed for them to avert elbow and wrist aches, the tension in the arm, or instability while clenching. So, which one do you prefer?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for Best Racquetball Racquets

Why choose a racquetball racquet that carefully?

A racquet must be chosen carefully at the end of the day; it will eloquently affect your body balance, skill level, speed, control, and power. You see, the catch is that the best racquetball racquets are quite famous amongst all groups; thus, it has a specific effect on each individual. But the effect suppressed on each differs from one another.

What’s the worst that could happen with the wrong racquet? Good question. And the answer to that is pretty hard, as it will cause frequent injuries and accidents. Thus, choose well based on your levels of expertise and comfort.

What Is the Difference Between Racquetball And Squash?

There are a few differences between the two, but the most basic one lies within the courts’ sizes. A racquetball court has an area of 40 x 20 x 20 (ft). The area of a squash field is 32 x 21 x 18.5 (ft).

In the case of racquetball, the racquet has more of a tear-drop shape with strings covering its core. Whereas, in squash games, the racquets are longer than those used in racquetball games, and the stringed area is narrower.

The scoring system goes as to winning the best out of five matches for 11 points in squash. In racquetball matches, the winners are counted by 2 out of 3 match rules. The ends can be attained only if you serve, and the first two games out of the three have a whopping total of 15 points with 11 points for the third round. There’s a similarity in both of these games that you must acquire two more points to win.

What Is the Difference Between A Racquetball Racquet And A Tennis Racquet?

Tennis racquets have a limitation of being within 27-29 inches, whereas; racquetball racquets are strictly restricted to be 22 inches and not more. Thus, tennis racquets are much bigger than racquetball racquets. That is also due to the nature of the balls utilized in each of these games. They differ in size, texture, and material; hence, to keep up with the balls as well, the racquets are adequately assembled.

My Strings Break All the Time When I am Playing Racquetball. Is there A Way to Help Prevent This from Happening So Much?

Before revealing the tips and tricks on preventing such mishaps, let’s talk to you through the occasions that evoke them. After all, prevention is better than cure, right? On that note, let’s begin.

Usually, the vertical strings aligning the racquets are the first ones to pop or rupture. It’s generic to comprehend that offensive players’ and their playstyle provoke more of such scenarios and tend to do more rash tricks. However, let’s face it, this leads to no valid excuse as playing hard, hustling and hitting the ball is the racquet’s most fundamental job, isn’t it?

 Here are a few quick tips that can make your life less frustrating –

  • Restring your racquet. Notice the factory specifications before buying.
  • Get a warranty on the strings if possible. A string gauge of 16 has better durability.

There, now you have the secret to nurturing those notorious string breaks and rips. Smash away!


Have you met your match yet?

It’s somewhat reliable to make a decision based on your body frame, play style, and other preferences. Keep in mind that you will choose your racquet, but the racquet will never pick you. So, make a wise decision and get your hands on the best racquetball racquets.

If the reviews make you even more confused and you end up wanting to buy them all – well don’t! Read our buying guide to understand better the dynamics of likings, budget, and weight preferences. That should clear up your cloud of doubt in no time.

Go on and find your perfect match now!

Readout more about Racquetball at HonestPlayers. Comment down below any queries about the Best Racquetball Racquets Reviews.

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