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EastPoint Sports has been a renowned name in making billiard tables and cues. The Eastpoint sports 87 inch Brighton billiard pool table is one of the famous billiards tables. It is 87 inches in size, which is the perfect family size pool table. It has traditional style ball and claws legs, and parlor style drop pockets, the scratch-resistant luster long finish, which is strong and durable enough for your needs.

The table has rubber bumpers to give you the feel of a professional pool player. It also has a leg leveling system in case your floor isn’t flat enough. This billiard table can be the perfect edition for your family and your guests to give you the best possible enjoyment in playing and enjoying the game. 

If you know what are the Best Pool Sets are, you might also have interested to know what is the right way to rack pool, right? But first, you need to read out the Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Brighton Billiard Pool Table Review. So, let’s go for the initial review of the product to know if the product features to suit your requirements or not.

Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Brighton Billiard Pool Table review

Our Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Brighton Billiard Pool Table: Features, Pros & Cons

The Eastpoint Sports Brighton Pool Table is the complete package itself, and there is a lot to talk about it. Honest Players has mentioned the most valuable key features below for a better understanding of the pool table. Keep reading our Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Brighton Billiard Pool Table Review to know it’s in detailed features.

Dimension Advantage

If you want to play pool billiard games anywhere in your house, your garage, basement, and family room, this can be the right billiard table for you.

It is 87 inches long, 50 inches wide, and 31 inches tall. It weighs about 85 kilograms. This dimension is perfect for placing it anywhere in your house. This dimension advantage will be beneficial for you and your family members or guests to enjoy the time.

Features of Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Pool Table

Classic Drop Pocket Design

The EastPoint Sports Brighton Billiard Table has some cool and classical features to attract you. It has a classic parlor-style pocket design.

It has a creamy wood color texture and finishes to give you a premium feel and attract your guests. The surface will also ensure the durability you can expect from a pool table.

Features of Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Brighton Billiard Pool Table

Rubber Bumpers

If you want a pool table that could give you the feel of a pro, then the EastPoint Sports Brighton Billiard Table can give you that.

It has K-66 rubber bumpers. These bumpers can provide you with smooth gameplay like a pro.

The table gives you consistent bounce as well. You can enjoy every bit of your game for these bumpers as they are well built as well. You can easily rely on this bumper in case of your cushion shots.

Necessary Billiard Accessories

The Brighton Billiard table will provide all the necessary accessories you will need for a pool game. The manufacturer will give you two wooden billiard cues, a set of billiard balls, two pieces of billiard chalk, a billiard triangle, and a table brush.

This billiard table is perfect for two players. The best thing is you can also get the work done for four players and play as a team. These things will provide you enough for your requirements. Also, they are worth your money as you don’t have to pay extra for these things.

Durable Body Materials and Design

The Brighton Billiard table has a classic and fresh design. It has a traditional ball and claws leg design. It’s sculpted look and finish will make you feel classical.

The table has a LusterLong compound coating. It is a very protective coating. It will protect your table surface from wear and tear, dust, and so on. The feature will keep your table looking shiny, sleek, and brand new for a long time.

Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Brighton Billiard Pool Table

Leg Leveling System

Your floor may not be flat enough to keep the table on level terms. On the other hand, your height might not befit your table height as you are facing difficulties during your game. EastPoint Sports has a solution for you.

They have the Leg Leveling System. This system will provide you with precision play with your comfort level. If you don’t feel comfortable to place your shots, then you cannot enjoy your game. This system will let you feel comfortable, and you can play the game of your highest caliber.

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• Perfect for any place in your house
• LusterLong Protection
• K-66 rubber bumpers
• The Leg Leveling System
• Classical design allover
• Decent amount of accessories
• Nice weight balance
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• Legs are made of plastic
• Assemble may seem difficult
• Shipping box is heavy

Watch the video below about the Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Brighton Billiard Pool Table:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is it made of?

The Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Brighton Billiard Pool Table is made of plywood and the legs are made of plastic. But, don’t worry! They are durable enough that will last long.

Does the Eastpoint Pool Table come assembled?

No. You have to assemble it on your own

Is the 87 inch Eastpoint table a slate table?

No. It is not a slate table.

What is the dimension of the packaged pack of Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Brighton Billiard Pool Table?

The dimension of the packaged pack is 72-inch x 48 inch

Is the table easy to move from places?

Yes. You can move your table from places quickly by pushing it.

How does the table hold up as it has plastic legs?

The table holds up accurately. All the materials are of high quality, and they are durable and nicely balanced.

Final Words about Eastpoint Sports 87-inch Brighton Billiard Pool Table

You have had a detailed review of our site and have come to this stage where you are thinking about whether to buy EastPoint Sports 87 inch Brighton Billiard Table or not. Well, in that case, let’s go for the final words of our review.

The billiard table overall is the right package for you. You can benefit from its size as it offers balanced dimensions that can take place in your home, garage, basement, man cave, and whatnot. The table has some classical design that looks stylish and attractive. It also has the leg leveling system to match your comfort zone.

The Brighton Table provides you all the necessary accessories to play the game. In short, it has a lot of benefits for you. Everything has some drawbacks.
The Brighton Billiard table is not different from it as well. The legs are made of plastic as it could be a big concern for you. Assembling it can turn out to be crazy stuff for you. If you are looking for a billiard table with the perfect quality, you can choose this one. But, if you are looking for an auto assembled billiard table with a lot more professionalism in it, then you might have to select the other one.

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