What Size Is A Pool Table? – Size Chart (Dimension) Of Various Pool Tables

A pool table can ease your stress level after a busy working day. But heading towards the bar or PUB for playing pool games can be a tiring job itself. For that reason, get yourself a nice pool table for your house & play whenever you want.

The pool table comes in various sizes from the range of 6 to 9 feet. However, the playfield of same sized pool tables varies from countries to countries. For example, the American 8 feet Pool table will be slightly larger than the British 8 feet pool table.

It’s possible that you regularly play pool games but never knew the pool table’s size. If you’re asking yourself – what size is a pool table, this article is for you. Stay tuned to know more about pool tables, including the size of the regulation pool table & standard pool table.

What is the Size of a Pool Table

What Size Is A Regulation Pool Table?

The term ‘Regulation’ means the geometry of a pool table’s playfield. As long as a pool table maintains the 2:1 ratio, it’s a regulation pool table. Fair enough, almost every pool table maintains the 2:1 ratio unless it’s a faulty one. Take a look at the most common regulation sized tables below to have a complete idea:

Table SizePlayfield SizeRatio
7 Feet Bar Size78” x 39”2:1
8 Feet Standard Size88” x 44”2:1
9 Feet Tournament Size100” x 50”2:1

What Size Is A Standard Pool Table?

8 feet pool tables are considered as the standard pool table. The playfields of these pool tables are 88″ by 44″ (USA Pool Table) & 84″ by 42″ (UK Pool Table). To use one of these 8 feet tables, you’ll need at least 15′ by 12′ free space in your room or outside.

Though 8 feet pool tables are widely popular for home & bars, it doesn’t mean other pool tables aren’t standard. It all depends on how much space you’re willing or able to provide for your pool table. If you’re running low on storage, you can get 6 feet or 7 feet table without any problem.

Types Of Pool Table – American Pool Table & British Pool Table

As I’ve mentioned earlier, pool table sizes vary from country to country. That’s why instead of asking – “What size is a pool table?” ask, “What size is a USA/UK Pool table?” In this segment, I’ll be listing USA & UK pool table sizes along with the minimum room dimensions required to play on them without any issues.

American Pool Table Sizes & Minimum Room Dimensions:

USA PoolMinimum Room Dimensions
Size & Playing Area58” Cue52” Cue48” Cue
9’100” x 50”18’ x 13’ 10”17’ x 12’10”16’4” x 11’10”
8’ Pro92” x 46”17’ 4” x 13’ 6”16’4” x 12’6”15’ 8” x 11’10”
8’88” x 44”17’ x 13’ 4”16’ x 12’ 4”15’4” x 11’8”
7’78” x 39”16’ 2” x 12’11”15’2” x 11’11”14’6” x 11’3”

UK Pool Table Sizes & Room Dimensions:

UK PoolMinimum Room Dimensions
Size & Playing Area58” Cue52” Cue48” Cue
8’84” x 42”17’ x 13’ 6”16’ x 12’5”15’ x 11’ 6”
7’72” x 36”16’ x 13’15’ x 12’14’ x 11’
6’63” x 32”15’ 3” x 12’8”14’3” x 11’8”13’3” x 10’8”

The Solution Of Inadequate Free Space

Like the Cue’s and Pool Balls, the Table is also an important part of the game. Before investing $2000 on a table, make sure you’ve enough space for the table. If not, you may get a shorter cue (52″ or 48″) instead of a standard 58″ cue to cope with the tight space.

However, most people don’t enjoy playing with a shorter cue. The simple solution can be getting a smaller pool table (7 feet or 6 feet) & use the standard 58″ cue for ruling the game.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Which Pool Table Size Is Right For Me?

It depends on how much free space you’re allowed to use in your house or outside. If you’ve enough space (About 17′ by 14′) for placing your pool table, the standard 8 feet pool table will be the best fit for you. If you’re running low on free space, you can do two things – either get a shorter cue (52″ or 48″) or get a smaller table (6feet or 7 feet).

How Much Space Do You Need For A Pool Table?

The pool table requires the exact amount of space equivalent to its playfield. However, this space isn’t enough for playing on that pool table. You’ll need as much as 10 feet of free space around the table to enjoy a pleasant gaming experience.

How Much Room Do I Need For A Pool Table?

You’ll need enough room for your pool table & the cue. Suppose you’ve bought the 8 feet pool table as it’s the most common sized home pool table. The playfield of this table is 7.3 feet by 3.5 feet. You’ll need around 16 feet by 13′ 6″ of free space to enjoy a fruitful gaming experience.  

How Long Is An Olympic Size Pool Table?

The International Olympic Committee & World Pool-Billiard Association approved only two sized pool tables for tournament play. These two sizes are – 9 feet by 4.5 feet & 8 feet by 4 feet models. If you’re looking for a pool table for professional-level playing, considering getting one of these models.

How Many Different Pool Tables Are There?

There are four kinds of pool tables you can get for your PUB or home. These are – Slate Pool Table, Wooden Pool Table, Metallic Pool Table & Rubber Pool Table. To make your buying decision easier, slate pool table performing the best in the market from a budget & performance perspective. You can get other types of pool tables too, but most of them belong to the high-end market.


I hope this article was helpful enough in answering questions like – What Size Is a pool table, including the size of the regulation pool table & standard pool table. I’ve listed both American & British pool table sizes in this article.

Please be cautious before making your purchase. Don’t forget to measure your room before buying your pool table. Otherwise, you’ll regret every penny you’ve spent on your table if the gaming experience isn’t satisfactory.

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