What Is the Best Color Felt for A Pool Table? Everything You Need to Know

Choosing an excellent color felt for the pool table would be tricky. Although the felt color of your pool table will not affect your performance a lot, it may distract or stimulate you when you play, which can involve your focus on the game. Thus, it’s crucial to know: what is the best color felt for a pool table?

What Is the Best Color Felt for A Pool Table

In most cases, green, blue, and red are the widely chosen colors. But, this is eventually a personal matter. It largely depends on your individual preference whether you prefer your table for decoration or practice.

But, factors like playability and eye comfort can make a significant difference. So, before you purchase a felt for your pool table, go through the below article that would be helpful to choose the perfect one for you.

What are the Best Colors Felt for a Pool Table?

The color felt for your pool table matters for many reasons. The most important reasons we have stated already are playability and eye comfort. Well, we’re going to share some key color felts below:


The most excellent and popular color felt for a pool is green. The color makes your pool table feel lighter than some other options of the table’s color felt. It gives a relaxing and soft impression in the players’ eyes compared to brighter colors that may trigger headaches.

green pool table

Indeed, green comes with a dark but dull room that’s preferable for concentration. It’s the color that can promote the best visibility while playing the game. Since the lights affect this color felt by improving your vision’s range, you can focus closely when the shots start.


Like green, blue is also a popular color felt for the pool tables. The pool tables with the blue color are widely seen in professional games and billiard championships. Some people guess that it looks like a green field, so this color is popular as felt color for pool tables.

Blue pool table

But, there is an enthusiastic thought behind this color. The color introduced in the land of billiards originated in 1970. It’s used in the US Open Pocket Billiard Championship as the matches aired on TV for the first time.

Because it was watching on the TV screen, it was tough to follow the balls of its viewers if it was a green-colored felt for the table. They realized that blue felt makes the balls more visible on the screen, easing the viewing experience.


It’s another felt color for the pool tables gaining popularity increasingly. Because red is another suitable color, you can consider it a better color for the pool table’s felt.

Red pool table

Also, you can choose from its shades, including maroon red, Windsor red, bright red, and burgundy red. We can assume that red is going to lead the upcoming days. Since the game frequently emerges, other unusual colors may dominate the industry.

Why Should You Choose These Colors?

You might be wondering how felt color can affect the game. However, it’s a fact that the right felt color can bring you something extraordinary on the pool table.

Also, the perfect color combination can make your playing room an appealing look. Besides, choosing the wrong or mismatched color would clash with your pool table.

Below are some more reasons to choose the correct felt color for the pool table:

  • Green and dark blue are likely to evoke a peaceful atmosphere.
  • On the other hand, brighter colors, such as red, orange, and yellow, are enthusiastic and energetic.
  • Maroons, muted grays, and tans can give an elegant environment.
  • White and its similar colors are avoidable as they become dirty quickly and they can be inappropriate for your eyes.

People will not bounce the walls because of having a bright room for the pool table. But, it would help if you considered these factors to benefit more from your pool table’s felt color.

Why Does Pool Table Color Felt Matter?

Several reasons matter for the felt color of the pool table. These include eye comfort to cleanliness. Let’s know a little more detail about the reasons:

Eye Comfort

Long-term comfort for the eyes is crucial for most users when choosing the felt color for the pool table. That’s why the widespread use and massive popularity of green and blue colors for felts, particularly in tournaments and billiard halls.

Also, studies reported that gentle colors like green and blue are very relaxing for the human eye. Besides, the different bright colors can be responsible for fatigue and strain on the eyes that may ultimately result in headaches.

It’s particularly true for a bright-lighted room as the felt color reflects light into everybody’s eyes. Of course, it’ll not bother everyone, but some people won’t be able to play for a long time because of this lighting issue.


Wrong felt color can affect the game, specifically when considering visibility. It’s a big problem with some dark colors, including black, navy blue, burgundy, and charcoal. For these reasons, the balls on the table will not be clear as they can be on a bright felt color, especially in the eight-ball.

A player needs to hit the match-winning shot at any cost as the last ball remains camouflaged. Similarly, they won’t be defined clearly when the rails cast the shadows.

Also, these shadows get blended with the pocket’s darkness, which creates an illusion of making a pocket larger than its actual size. It’s a surefire way to miss shots.


Another vital factor to consider while choosing felt for the pool table is the ease of cleanliness. It means how easily and well you can keep a felt of the pool table. Some colors are likely to be dirtier faster than others.


Unfortunately, black is a leading felt color, which is more, tending to look dirty quickly. Also, your chalk color can make a huge difference, by the way. When it gets chalk powder on your feet, they’re almost unavoidable.

However, an option is available to stay away from using chalk. Chalk for your pool table comes in different colors, so you can use a suitable color match with ease that will help you keep the pool table clean.


Some studies reported that some colors are liable to bring particular moods or mental conditions. Although it could be a little subconscious level, this is still appealing to consider.

It mainly happens when you get a great version to spend quality time in the billiards room. Green plus blue are soothing and relaxing.

Besides, orange and red are brighter colors that are more energetic. Likewise, earth tones and darker colors like gray, maroon, and tan offer a tranquil and warm environment.

How to Choose the Right Color Felt for a Poor Table?

It’s primarily an issue of individual preference to choose the suitable color felt for the pool table. But, some factors need to be considered, and the crucial one is to know how frequently you’re going to use it and what this table is to use.

Below are some more factors that need to be considered when buying the pool table’s felt.

Don’t Choose a Felt That’s Too Bright

Choosing a brighter color felt when you have the perfect lighting over your pool table can’t be a suitable arrangement for you. Combining the felt’s brightness and your room’s blinding shed may harm your eyes and prevent you from focusing on the game.

Also, it might be the cause of headaches for other players. If you set up essential light for the pool room, you need a neutral or muted pool table. Considering the compliments and contrasts of existing colors can help you reduce your options.

Consider Your Preferred Colors

Your individual preferences matter all in particular. You can find matched theme colors for your room anyplace. But, you should avoid suppressing your personal choice, and keeping going with the color you don’t like isn’t a good decision.

Your selected color must be soothing and settle with you as a player. So, go beyond the norm if you don’t find your desired color among blue, green, and red. When an extensive range of available colors makes you confused, you can go with neutral tones.

Choose Matched Color of the Table or the Room Décor

Don’t forget to consider the room décor and type or design of the pool table when you need to choose a perfect color felt. You can go with a dark maroon felt if you have the pool table made of ornate wood.

But, a muted or neutral gray tone fits well and looks stylish if your table is dark blue.

Remember The Lighting

Lighting on the pool table can be a vital factor when choosing the color felt, and it can match the space where you play.

For example, if you pair it with an orange-colored felt cover, bright green-lighted pool tables would be nothing less than a disaster.

Get Help from a Showroom

Visiting showrooms is an excellent way to make the right decision in choosing a specific color. You can get felts laid on model pool tables to give you a clear view of your individual pool table.

It’ll help you imagine the suitable shade that fits well for your space.

Use Your Skills

If you’ve been playing pool for some time, you have learned enough skills in terms of senses and vision. Thus, you can use the skill you get from different colors of pool tables.

Although it isn’t a burden for the experts, beginners will feel better with neutral or familiar colors.


We’re here with some FAQs that you might be looking for answers to:

What Is the Worst Color for A Pool Table Felt?

Typically, the worst felt colors for pool tables include solid black, bright red, and bright yellow. Most people struggle with vibrant, bright colors as they strain their eyes.

Also, the dark colors can make a ball and a pocket challenging to see. But, all players are not the same, so the worst color felt may vary in persons.

What Is the Popular Pool Table Felt?

Among the popular felt colors, green and blue are dominating these days. More specifically, tournament green or classic green plus tournament blue or electric blue are leading the industry.

You’ll not often find a pool tournament or hall setting without these two colors. But, many people choose deep red, light brown, and gray for their home use.

What to Avoid When Selecting Color Felt for A Pool Table?

The most avoidable colors for pool tables include solid black, too dark, and too bright. Consider your liking along with the table and room décor.

Final Words

Now, you should be good at choosing the perfect color felt for your pool table; as you know: what is the best color felt for a pool table? In particular, choosing the right piece of color felt requires coming down to your preferences with things you’re seeking in your felt color.

Green, blue, and (for some people) red are leading felt colors. But, you have options to choose from more colors according to your personal preference that will give your pool table an individual flair.

Your felt color choice should be craving one that is effortless on your eyes and helps playability. Also, you can select the blends of felt colors that match the table itself and your room décor.

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