Ping Pong Doubles Rules And Regulations – Everything You Need to Know

Ping pong doubled is one of the most thrilling yet fun games to play but, it does have some rules that you need to abide especially when you are playing in a professional setting. Beginners in ping pong do need to have a strong grasp of these rules to improve their game.

Ping Pong Doubles Rules And Regulations

But the problem is, most beginners don’t even know about any regulations which lead them to have a poor understanding of the game. So, we are here with a complete guide of everything you need to know about ping pong doubles rules. Let’s dive right into it.

The Basic Rules of Ping Pong Doubles

When you play ping pong doubles, you might not think about rules a lot but it is better to just go through them quickly to have an idea of what you are supposed to do. These rules may sound complicated on paper but once you implement them, you will realize that they are just a piece of cake.

After all, you gotta play by the rules otherwise how what is even the point? Keep reading to know all about the rules one by one:

1. The Playing Order

A lot of people get confused because they are not sure what exactly the playing order of the ping pong double is going to be. Most of them just sort of don’t play with any order and whoever is closest to the ball will play it.

But, there is a particular set of rules for it. For example; there are 2 teams, team A and team B and both have 2 players. If the first player from team A is serving the ball, the first player from team B will go for the return.

Then, the second player from team A will play it and the second player from team B will return it. This cycle will continue this way and you certainly are not supposed to play without this proper order.

Whether you are serving the ball or returning it, you need to follow this order if you are actually planning on following the rules of ping pong double. This sequence will continue to go until someone scores a point and then we will start over.

2. The Order of Ends

Order of ends might not sound like one of the most important ping pong doubles rules but they are important. Without these rules, how would teams even decide whether they are supposed to change the ends or not?

So, if you are team A and you are playing the first game at the end 1, you will move to the end 2 in the next game and team B will move to end 1. It works this way so everyone gets a chance of fair play.

If you are playing the last game, this change usually takes place when any team scores 5 points. So, don’t forget to switch ends with your opponents after every game.

3. The Serving Order

Serving can be a little tricky too as you need to decide which team is going to serve first. Just so there are no misunderstandings, it is a rule to always flip a coin to decide who is going to serve first so basically, it is all up to your luck.

Another way of deciding that who is going to serve is to volley because you obviously cannot flip a coin every time a team scores as it will waste a lot of time. So, for a volley, you need to throw the ball in the air and play it.

This play will continue until someone scores so, suppose that you scored first, you will get a chance to serve the ball which is a huge advantage to take your opponent off guard. Also, if player 1 from team A has served the ball this time, player 2 from the same team will serve the next time to maintain balance.

Though the method of service in ping pong double does change a lot and is quite similar to the traditional ping pong, just the order of serving is slightly different. Also, if you are a server, the ball should go from your side to the receiver’s side diagonally.

For example, if you are serving the ball from the left side, it should land on the left side of your opposing team. This is what a diagonal serve is like and it reduces any kind of confusion in the opposing team and gives them a fair chance.

4. Switching Serves

 It is also important to keep switching the serves as it is a very important rule of ping pong double too. Usually, you are supposed to switch the serves after every two to five scored points. If team A is serving and 5 points have been scored, then the serving would go to team B.

In doubles, people usually play longer games so, you can expect to be switching quite a lot but typically, the doubles game is only 21 points and some people like to keep it even shorter so they just play one of 15 points.

Also, a rule is that one team only gets 2 chances of serving and then the serving goes to the next team but if you are playing longer games, the number 2 can go as high as 5 before alternating between the teams.

5. Rules of Earning Points

Novices in ping pong don’t usually know but there are certain rules for earning points in the game too and you need to follow them if you need to win fair and square. The first rule is that when one team fails in returning the ball, the other team gets a point.

Also, your opposing team can get a point when you break the standard rules of ping pong double. These rules usually are that you are not supposed to serve illegally or with an elaborated action that is not allowed in the game.

The second rule is that you are always supposed to make a diagonal delivery and if you fail to do so, the point will go to your opposing team. Some people become a little too enthusiastic and it often results in the ball being thrown out of the table.

It certainly can give a point to your opposition if you pull one such stunt. So, it is important for you to return the ball mindfully and make sure that it does not land out of the table or it might even cost you your game. It is one of the most important ping pong doubles rules.

Now, this rule that we are going to talk about is pretty common and everyone knows about it. If team A and team B are returning the ball in a sequence, but one player of team A failed to return the ball, it would mean that team B is going to get the point and the more this incident happens, the more points opponent has team will get.

Tips to Win a Ping Pong Doubles Game

Ping Pong Doubles Rules And Regulation

There are certain ping pong doubles rules that you need to consider if you really want to win a game especially if it is a professional competition. So, keep reading or it might cost you your whole game.

Don’t Try to be Over Smart

The best thing you could do while playing a game of ping pong doubles is just kept it simple. You don’t have to serve fancy shots because then your opponent would do the same and you might not be able to return it properly and lose a point.

Make sure that you are not coming in your partner’s way while returning the ball and even if you are, just move quickly after returning.

Pick the Right Partner

Picking the right partner is the most obvious thing yet not a lot of people know how to pick their ping pong buddy. Even if someone does not match your playing style but you win games with them, you should definitely go with them.

Though we cannot say much about who exactly is going to win. It is found that the most successful doubles in a ping pong game are usually right-handed and left-handed people. When your team comprises of two different

Be a Little Aggressive

When starting off the game, make sure that you are aggressive in your play and try to attack first because whoever attacks first basically dominates the game. If you don’t attack first, your opposing team will and it won’t leave a chance for you to be prepared.

So, serve the ball keeping in mind that your partner will go for an attack so serve it accordingly. People often develop some hand signals or gestures as an indication of when to attack so you can try that too.


Playing ping pong doubles is fun and all until you need to take care of every single rule. But, if you are playing it professionally, you cannot really ignore these rules as they are kind of important.

So, just make sure that you go through all the above given ping pong doubles rules and follow them properly to win your ping pong double game. Also, don’t get confused as these rules only sound like a headache initially but once you get a hang of them, you will follow them without even realizing it.

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