Necessary Equipment to play Badminton: What are they?

Badminton is one of the most interesting racket sports to play. There is some necessary equipment to play and enjoy the game.

If you are a beginner or a professional badminton player, you must know what is needed to play badminton. You do not have to be worried if you are confused about the necessary tools to play this game. 

In this article, we will try our best to inform you about the important equipment that you need while playing badminton. You will get to know from below about what equipment is needed to play badminton. 

What Is Badminton?

Badminton is one of the amazing racket sports which can be played among two to four players. Here the players hit a shuttlecock over a net, which is on a rectangular court. Badminton players need to hit the shuttlecock to send it on the opponent’s court. 

That’s how the opponent can be able or unable to hit the shuttle back on the other side of the court. The whole process of a badminton match is so enjoyable. If your opponent fails to return the shuttlecock on your court, then you will get one point each time. 

A match can be completed when the first team gains twenty-one points. Besides, the only thing that makes a difference between badminton and other racket sports is a shuttlecock or birdie. In other racket sports like table tennis or volleyball, a ball is used. On the other hand, the players must use a shuttlecock while playing badminton.

What Equipment Is Needed To Play Badminton

What Equipment Is Needed To Play Badminton?

The players need some equipment to practice or play badminton. Certain equipment is needed to continue playing badminton. Badminton players, both beginners, and professional players should choose the perfect equipment for themselves. 

The equipment that a player will need to play badminton is a badminton racket, shuttlecock, badminton net, badminton shoes, and badminton outfits, etc. You can also buy a badminton set to make the process easier.

The basic equipment to play badminton is given below:

Badminton Racket

A racket is one of the most necessary pieces of equipment to play badminton. Players use this to hit the shuttlecock.  Basically, you will need two rackets to play badminton. Badminton rackets vary in weight, material, shape, and price, and that’s why it is a tough task to choose the suitable one. You need to ensure the quality of your badminton racket so that you can play properly.

Besides, you need to focus on the balance point while playing with a badminton racket. You also should know how to control the racket and what should be the weight and shape of the racket. A flexible shaft of your badminton racket is needed to generate more power and focus on the smooth shots. 


Another compulsory tool is the shuttlecock. This has different names that make it unique from other racket-based sports. Two types of shuttles are available. They are feathered and non-feathered or plastic shuttles. These vary in price, lifespan, and features. 

If you are a beginner, you should play with plastic shuttlecocks because they are not expensive and they last long. On the other hand, feathered shuttlecocks are expensive and are used by professionals. Besides, they fray easily even if you use the wrong technique.

Badminton Net And Poles

The third important piece of equipment to play badminton tournaments is the net with poles. If you use a net while playing badminton, it will help the shuttle to be within the limit. The badminton match can become more enjoyable and realistic by using this equipment. 

Nets for badminton matches should have a specific width, height, and construction. A net must measure five feet high in the center if it is an official badminton net. Besides, it should measure five feet one inch at the sides. The measurement should be 30 inches from the bottom to the top, and the dark color should be visible to the players. 

Badminton Shoes

Badminton shoes are another most important piece of equipment to play badminton. This tool is a very useful tool for a badminton player. The grip helps you to stop in time while returning a shot. The shoes are well designed and also light-weight, which helps to land or jump properly. 

Besides, this equipment will let you feel comfortable and will save you from various injuries. You should pick up the right shoes for you. such as do not use shoes in indoor matches that are designed for the outdoors. 

Badminton Outfit

A badminton outfit is also another piece of equipment that is needed to play a badminton match. A specific outfit is not more important than shoes because it cannot save you from injuries. But the outfit can increase your comfort level and can make you more confident for the match. A sportive outfit helps you move faster, and you can give good shots. The recommendable outfit can be shorts and a t-shirt for badminton players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Net Should I Use For Badminton?

You should use a synthetic or natural badminton net that is made of a dark-colored cord. The highest and the lowest thickness should be 20mm and 15mm. 

What Shoes Should I Wear For Badminton?

You should wear shoes, the sole of which is made of rubber while playing badminton. It’s better not to use running shoes, and you can also wear table tennis or volleyball shoes. 

How Many People Can Play Badminton?

Two to four players can play badminton together as team members. There can be two players in a single rally and can be played by four players in a double rally.

How Do Badminton Players Make Money?

Badminton players can make money from government funding, matches winning money, sponsorships, through playing in different leagues, etc.

Is Badminton a Good Exercise?

Yes, Badminton is definitely a great exercise. Physicians recommend playing badminton if you want a sound health. The health benefits of playing badminton cannot be denied.


In the whole article, we have talked about the most necessary equipment that you need to play badminton. You see, it makes a whole lot of difference in the gameplay and overall experience, and it’s recommended that you spend some time figuring out what’s best.

As a badminton player, you should choose suitable equipment for your comfort and let yourself enjoy the game. Hope the discussion will be helpful for your playing experience.

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