How to Hit a Racquetball Forehand and Backhand?

Even if you are a racquetball player, you may have seen Novak Djokovic playing those lethal backhand shots on the ground. Also, you may wonder how Roger Federer could execute the forehand shots so elegantly and flawlessly. Although racquetball is different from tennis, the hitting technique for the ball remains the same.

And like tennis, in racquetball, forehand and backhand shots are the toughest skills to acquire in racquet or tennis games. Yet, you can follow our tips on How to hit a racquetball forehand and backhand perfectly to learn its strategies.

How to Hit a Racquetball Forehand and Backhand
Tips on How to Hit a Racquetball Forehand and Backhand

The key is to hold your racquet properly with the right alignment and position. Also, it would be best if you gripped the racquet perfectly to execute the shots the way you want. Today, we will discuss the gripping tips of the racquet and shot playing techniques for both backhand and forehand shots.

What Is Backhand Shot? ( How to Hit a Racquetball Forehand and Backhand)

Although you may already know the definition of backhand shots, it will be useful for newbies to learn the definition. Also, at times the theoretical knowledge will come in handy in playing the backhand shot better in real life.

The backhand shot, simply put, is a shot when you move your racquet around your body like the back of your hand comes right before the palm. The primary force for the shot comes from the back of your hand. So, the shot is referred to backhand shot.

The shot begins on the opposite side of your predominant hand. For instance, the shot begins on the left side if you are predominantly a right-handed player. As you continue moving the racquet more towards your body from left to right, you will contact the ball in the meantime. Then, the racquet will continue moving towards the right side to end the shot.

Players will play the shot mostly from the baseline. Also, many players use it as an approach shot to get an edge and increase the speed.

One hand backhand shot is difficult to master since our backhand has less power than the forehand. Many players opt for double-hand backhand shots to overcome the problem. However, when you master the skill of backhand shots, you will be unbeatable on the ground.

What Is Forehand Shot? ( How to Hit a Racquetball Forehand and Backhand)

As the shot name suggests, the inner side of your dominant hand’s palm will face forward as you play the shot. As you play the shot, the face of your racquet should face forward. It would be best if you also positioned yourself better to play the shot. If the ball is too far away from your dominant hand, you should skip playing the shot.

Compared to backhand shots, forehand shot is easy to play as you can deliver all the power coming from the hand. So, you may learn it faster than backhand shots.

How to Hit a Racquetball Forehand and Backhand:


Now that we know the definition of backhand and forehand shots, it’s time to learn the fundamental technique. The learning process for the two shots includes body positioning and proper gripping of the racquet. So, we will divide them accordingly in the following discussion.

The technique required for the forehand shot:

When you start playing racquetball, you may wonder when someone plays the forehand shots. The shot is often used to exert immense power on the ball to beat the opponent with pace and strength. You can now, thankfully, learn the shot with ease.

The key is to move your body perfectly from one side to another while hitting the ball. You mustn’t lose body balance at all. Also, it would help if you gripped the racquet properly.

Tips for a mechanical swing for a perfect forehand:

When you play the forehand shot, your body moves with a mechanical force. It follows the simple rule of physics to convert the momentum of your body movement into kinetic power to hit the ball with as much force as possible.

  • When you plan to execute the forehand shot, your body must be in the right position. For this, you should face straight up to the front wall.
  • Also, you need to prepare your racquet to hit the ball perfectly. Experts will lift their bat to ear before that start playing their forehand shots. It means you must lift the racquet to your ear and then move the racquet downwards to make contact with the ball.
  • Also, you need to balance your shoulder width and legs. It will distribute your body weight and transfer it from one leg to another as your feet and body movement while playing the shot.
  • Move your front leg right towards the ball when you are all set. However, the front leg movement must be easy and smooth. You mustn’t hurry to reach the ball. There’re special techniques and drills for front leg movement in racquetball and tennis. You may learn them to master the technique of leg movement.
  • As your front leg moves towards the ball, your hips, arm, and shoulder should follow the direction. The rotation of your shoulder and his and the arm must be aligned properly. If your hips move faster and shoulder slower, you will be imbalanced. So, continue practicing the body movement until it makes the finest alignment.
  • As you move your body, you will contact the ball in the meantime. The contact point for the ball is important. When you hit the ball, negate all the spins on the ball. Also, the impact of the contacting point should be flat.
  • After hitting the ball, you should follow through with the body movement. As you finish the movement, your shoulder must face the front wall.

Gripping technique for the forehand shot:

The racquet’s grip is as important as every shot’s body movement and balance. Similarly, you must follow the rules of proper forehand grip. It is quite similar to the forehand shot in tennis.

  • Hold your racquet vertically at the first point.
  • Hold the racquet with your dominant hand as if you are shaking hands with the bat. The first three fingers will come serially as the thumb touches your middle finger.
  • Your index finger should remain on the top. Also, you need to bend it slightly.
  • Don’t hold the racquet too firmly to waste your energy. You should only hold the racquet firmly when you want to play the forehand shots.

The technique required for the backhand shot:

The backhand shot is tougher to learn than the forehand shot in racquetball gaming. We will describe the techniques of proper mechanical body movement and grip for the backhand shot in the next two sections.

Tips for a mechanical swing for a perfect backhand:

Your body movement holds the key when you plan to execute the perfect backhand shot. You should follow the below-listed instructions for the right balance and movement.

  • You must move your hips, shoulders, and upper torso properly for the backhand shot. It is crucial to generate power.
  • Turn your back on the racquetball to start playing the shot. Your body needs to face backward of the front wall. Your arm should bend 90-degree when you attempt the shot.
  • Now, slowly expand and open up your upper body. It should be relaxed as your arms fly out to get the extended position.
  • As you go close to the ball to hit it, your movement should feel the acceleration. The better you can accelerate your body; the more powerful the shot will be.
  • Finish the backhand shot by following through with your body movement. Your body should face the front wall as you complete the backhand shot.

Gripping technique for the backhand shot:

The gripping technique is also important to play the backhand shot appropriately. The key points for the backhand grip follow these rules.

  • Unlike the forehand shot, your racquet will be horizontal this time. It is in sharp contrast with the vertical positioning of the racquet for the forehand shot.
  • Now, find the plain surface of the racquet hand and put your thumb on it. Your remaining four fingers will follow the thumb position. So, they will be right at the behind of the thumb.
  • The positioning of the thumb is crucial since it will generate all the powers during the backhand shot.

FAQs: How to Hit a Racquetball Forehand and Backhand

  • How do you hit a racquetball harder?

You should drop the racquetball at your arm’s length and then step forward to the ball to generate more power for the racquetball shot. Also, your body movement should align with the arm length when you hit the ball to hit the ball harder.

  • How do you swing a racquetball racquet?

Firstly, observe the movement of the ball to find its direction properly. Then, it would be best to lean towards the ball slightly when you swing the racquet as you hit the ball.


Racquetball has become the latest sensation in the racquet sport. It follows many similarities with the long and table tennis. Also, it includes the techniques for the forehand and backhand shots. We have described how to hit a racquetball forehand and backhand with the perfect execution. So, you find the strategies easily now. But, you mustn’t avoid practice to master the techniques and score high with every shot.