Can You Play Pickleball On Grass – Detailed Answer

As a fast-paced and fun sport, pickleball has become a popular game. Typically, the sport requires hard and smooth surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. But, you might be wondering: can you play pickleball on grass without having any injuries?

Can You Play Pickleball On Grass

Of course, you can. Grass pickleball gives a sporty, social atmosphere that allows you to play even barefoot, including your kids.

Now, the question is, how can you do that? We will share essential information needed to play pickleball on a grassy court. So, keep reading the full article that will help you find out the facts you’re seeking to set up a grass pickleball court accurately.

Can You Play Pickleball on Grass?

Yes, it’s possible. However, it’s tricky to transform a grassy ground into a pickleball court. It’s possible to play this game at the most serious and highest level if you level the grass off and compact. Although grass can make issues with bounces, this can’t stop you from enjoying pickleball fun.

But, you can find it competitive for professional pickleball contests because of bounce variability. So, you should note that the essential issue of playing pickleball on grass is its bounce.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about playing pickleball seriously, grass backyards or lawns would not be the right choice for it. There are reasons why pickleball professionals prefer to avoid grass courts. And the fundamental reason we talked about already is bounce variation.

Only for that reason, the comparatively hard surfaces are more suitable for pickleball. Regardless of the issue, you can choose a lawn or backyard to play pickleball, just when it comes to fun hits or practice matches.

That’s why many amateur tournaments of pickleball are performed on grass. It helps to brush up the players’ skills and allows them to learn more Pickleball rules easily. Also, when you are looking to play friendly matches but cannot pay for it to hire a superior tennis court, it’s pretty good to keep playing on grass lawns or backyards.

So, you have two options: trim the excessive grass from the lawn by mowing or use the grassy lawn to play just for friendly matches. At any rate, you must consider playing major pickleball matches on smooth, hard surfaces like tennis courts.

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Why is Pickleball Playing on Grass Challenging?

In pickleball, when you make any faults, they provide the scores to the opponent. These faults may happen in many ways, including serving the ball outside of the boundary, hitting the ball, and getting the ball incompletely on the net.

Also, it’s a fault to allow the ball to bounce many times. Likewise, avoiding the ball from being bounced in the zone of no-volley is another fault. As bounce is a vital part of pickleball sport, playing this game on grass would be challenging.

Thus, some more challenging aspects are there to translating a grass court. Let’s know below what they’re:

Reason 01. The Ball Doesn’t Get Enough Bounce On Grass

What if you try to bounce the tennis balls on the grassy ground? What about your waffle balls? The job is not very simple to do. The material of the balls for the pickleball game is plastic that comes with 40 holes.

They make a ball small in volume, which is just 0.8 ounces. Although it allows the ball to make an easy bounce on a concrete or asphalt top, it’s almost impossible to get bounce when it plays on grass.

It’s until the ground you want to play pickleball on has short grass and dirt with a hard pack. If you do this, you can get the bounce, but this bounce won’t be accurate and consistent to play pickleball properly.

Reason 02. Yards & Lawns May Be Uneven

The uneven or wavy grass surface can be another reason to be challenging to play pickleball on grassland. It’s not similar to concrete or asphalt courts with the perfect construction level by design.

When you play the game on grass, it may have a dip or slope in its terrain, making this pickleball court uneven and challenging to play on. In this case, choosing the suitable balls for the sport of pickleball is a vital aspect.

Some players adapt to this challenge by using rubber balls that bounce better on the grassy ground. You’ll find some specific types of balls to play on the grass with ease.

Reason 03. The Momentum Can Be Slow Down by Grass

Players in pickleball need to get quick reactions that require moving from one side to another of their court in seconds. As a result, you have to get a better quality and quantity of tractions that help you remain in the right place while reacting faster to the balls.

When the grass remains wet due to rainfall or hay may be damp when you play in the morning, you’ll find playing pickleball challenging. Thus, grass can slow down your momentum when you need it seriously.

If you play on dry grass, it can reduce the issue of falling and sliding significantly. But, you’ll not get the right momentum from the grass-court you need for the game.

What Modifications Do You Need Before Playing Pickleball on Grass?

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A grass court is fun to play pickleball, but it’s not constantly an easy option. It requires getting the grass ready accordingly with some crucial modifications that make the sport smoother. The essential changes you need to do are include:

Changing The Ball

First of all, you must change the ball you’re going to play pickleball. It’s a crucial modification needed to play this game on turf because the plastic-made softball will find it tough to bounce on the surface of the grass.

To encounter this issue, many players of this sport use rubber balls when they play on the grass. This change enables them to make things easier to get more bounce and expected momentum.

Playing Pickleball On a Modified Tennis Court

This one is a widespread change among many others that the players make. When you want to play this game on a tennis court, it requires sorting out its boundaries for a court pickleball.

Leveling Up the Ground’s Grass

When you consider playing this pickleball game on a lawn, the grass of the ground must be level up. Also, consider flattening down the surface to reduce the bounce issue considerably.

It’s easy to do by mowing your lawn and cutting down the other grass. After trimming down the grass short enough, you can get a smoother surface by using a grass leveler to level down its grass.

What are the Best Surfaces to Play Pickleball?

If you want to get recreation and fun playing pickleball, you can go with any surface such as grass. But, when you play it as a game of tournaments to compete, the below surfaces would be the best choice for the most excellent performance:


The surface made of concrete is as supportive as long-lasting. It gives you higher durability without showing deterioration in a little while.

Most concrete-made pickleball courts have a polyurethane coating on their tops that provide additional console and support.


An affordable cousin of concrete is asphalt. Although it’s not long-lasting like concrete, it’s still a better option for the game of pickleball. Also, it provides comfortable support for your knees due to its top coating.

Court Tiles

Tiles of a tennis court are another excellent selection for pickleball that lay on a plane surface like asphalt or concrete. These tiles snap together with ease, making a feature of safe lock-in. You can choose them to play pickleball on an indoor/outdoor court.

Apart from these, you’ll find dedicated courts made explicitly for playing pickleball with the actual measurements, net heights, and painting. You’ll get them in the areas where this game is popular.

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What Pickleball Should I Use for Grass?

The lightweight balls won’t bounce correctly, so it requires the exact type of balls. In this issue, you must use a bit heavier ball, or the pickleball balls are made for outdoor games. They’ll give you more bounce without swaying by the wind.

Is Playing Pickleball On Grass Popular?

Yes, it’s a popular sport played on the grassy ground. Even an entire league prefers to play the game on a grass court.

Wrap Up

So, in reply to can you play pickleball on grass, we can say that it’s more suitable for casual and fun play. If your colleagues, friends, and family members are gathering over the weekend, you can use your spacious backyard to play some rounds of this game together on the grassy lawn.

Apart from being a fun sport, it’s a simple way to have some exercise. However, when it comes to serious play, most players prefer hard surfaces designed perfectly to play the game.

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