10 Best Tennis Ball Mowers in 2022: Editor’s Picker Uppers Choices

If you are a serious tennis ballplayer, you must be looking for a tennis ball mower for easy practice. I know how tiring and boring it is picking up the tennis ball from the court while practicing. So to get rid of this problem, you need the best tennis ball mower.

This ball mower will help you to pick up the tennis ball to a certain capacity. And also some mowers hold the ball giving you a two-in-one service.

Thus, you can easily practice and also save time. However, finding a quality tennis ball mower is a difficult task because whether its quality is really good depends on many facts. You will definitely need a tennis mower if you already have a tennis ball machine on your tennis court.

So, considering all of the facts, I have come up with a list of the 10 Best Tennis Ball Mowers. And in this article, I will review all of them with a lot of information and definitely with their amazing features. So, you can easily choose which one is the best-fitted for your practice.

Best Tennis Ball Mowers

Our 10 Picks of Best Tennis Ball Mowers for you in 2021:

1. Tennis Multimower – Best Tennis Ball Mower

A woman holding the Tennis Multimower as it is the Best Tennis Ball Mower

The OnCourt OffCourt is one of the best leading tennis brands, manufacturing some of the best tennis ball mowers. And, the Tennis Multimower is one of them.

This tennis mower is a well-built machine that comes with a simple and elegant design. Its feature-rich unique specification makes it a top-notched ball mower that fits all skilled level tennis players.

It comes with a ridged roller so you can easily pick up the tennis ball without much effort. Besides, it also features two additional back-wheeled legs. Thus, this makes your mower transport easy.

Not only that but also it can easily roll over some small bumps on your walkways. Moreover, this ball mower features a teaching cart. This teaching cart permits you to feed the tennis ball easily to the tennis ballplayers.

Furthermore, the ball capacity of this mower is 300 tennis balls. With the help of this mower, you can pick up almost all balls like regular tennis balls, transition balls, etc. Besides, you can use this mower not only indoors but also outdoors. However, the price of this mower is also affordable compared to its quality.


  • Comes with a smooth and unique design ridged roller.
  • Provides a teaching cart to feed balls.
  • Offers a large ball capacity.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Both indoors and outdoors usage.


  • The wheels lose their sturdiness after a few months.

2. Erwazi-Tennis Ball Collector – Best Tennis Ball Collector

Erwazi-Tennis Ball Collector - Best Tennis Ball Collector

The brand Erwazi offers its best tennis ball collector equipment with this Erwazi-Tennis Ball Collector. It works like a two-in-one ensuring a baseball mower as well as a practical tennis ball picker.

The Erwazi is an extremely lightweight ball collector that weighs only 3.9 LB. Therefore, it is super easy to carry and transport. Besides, this ball mower comes with a stainless steel material body. Thus, this makes it super durable and a first-rated tennis ball collector overall.

Not only that but also this portable ball collector features an adjustable tripod base which ensures that it is sure-footed, no matter where ever you placed it. So, this ball mower also works as a self-standing tennis ball pick-up machine. It offers smooth-rolling overall type surfaces like clay; grass, hard, carpet, etc.

However, this tennis ball collector is simple and also an efficient tennis ball picking-up machine. It saves time by picking the ball in a very short time. And, thus it offers you more time so you can play and practice more.

Besides, it can hold 50 tennis balls in the rolling drum and works as a storage ball case. Yet, along with these features, the Erwazi also provides an independent cartoon package so it can protect the ball mower product.


  • Lightweight ball collector.
  • Comes with an adjustable tripod base.
  • Easy to carry and maneuver.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Picks up the ball quickly.


  • Ball capacity is comparatively lower than others.

3. CHAOFAN [2 in 1] Tennis Balls Pickup – Best Tennis Ball Picker Upper

CHAOFAN [2 in 1] Tennis Balls Pickup - Best Tennis Ball Picker Upper

When it comes to having the best tennis ball picker-upper, you should definitely go for this CHAOFAN tennis ball pickup. This ball pick upper comes with some unique and amazing features that make the picking process much easier.

It features an excellent stray roller cart that rolls smoothly over stray tennis balls. By doing so, it picks up the ball quickly and also effortlessly. Therefore, this Tennis ball pick-up is intended to use as court equipment for not only training but also for competitive tournaments.

This pick upper also comes with a quick-release feature. Thus, it can clear the playing court by picking up the tennis ball within seconds. However, it also stores the remainder at the same time in the ball pickup wheels.

Besides, it can hold 55 tennis balls in its rolling drum. You just have to pour the picker-upper handle on the playground, roll over and store the tennis ball, quite simple!


  • Well-made tennis ball pickup machine.
  • Comes with an excellent unique design.
  • Makes picking up the ball extremely easy.
  • Easy to use and store the balls.
  • Fast pick up.
  • Saves time.


  • It doesn’t provide any setup instructions.

4. Har-Tru Tennis Ball Mower

Har-Tru Tennis Ball Mower

The Har-Tru is another top-rated ball mower that is especially intended for clay courts. Yet, it is, however, working perfectly on all types of court surfaces.

This ball mower has everything that you are looking for. It comes with an excellent anti-jamming mechanism. With the help of this mechanism, the spring-loaded black plate of this mower allows the tennis balls to enter into the ball basket.

Besides, it features two ball baskets for holding nearly 300 tennis balls. And also, it can retrieve the quickstart balls that are larger in size. Yet, it comes with aluminum construction. And it is designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry if the environment is gritty and also moist, it can hold up perfectly.

Furthermore, this mower weighs 45lbs which is a little bit heavier than others. But, whatever, although it’s a little bit heavy, its aluminum construction makes it durable and long-lasting.


  • Can hold more balls up to 300 tennis balls.
  • Features anti-jamming mechanism.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Fits almost all type court surfaces.


  • A little bit heavier.
  • Expensive.

5. Vermont Tennis Ball Pick Up Tube

Vermont Tennis Ball Pick Up Tube

The Vermont Tennis Ball Pick Up Tube has gained much popularity among all ages tennis players for its extremely lightweight.  This pick-up tube allows you to collect the balls with fun in a very short time.

This tube is made from PVC plastic material that is lightweight but ultra-durable. With only 15 regular tennis ball capacities, it becomes one of the best-fitted tennis equipment for not only the tennis club but also for schools and practice sessions.

However, this Vermont pickup tube comes with a quick ball release feature with a heavy-duty rubber band. So, when you have collected all the tennis balls and filled the tube, you just need to remove the rubber band. So, the tennis ball can be quickly released into your basket.

Besides, it helps to lessen injury risk and is super easy to carry and transport from one location to another.


  • Collects the tennis ball easily and effortlessly.
  • Perfect for all ages.
  • Reduces injury risk.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Easy to carry and move.


  • Can be used only for regular size tennis balls.

6. Gamma Tennis Ball Mower Ball tube

Gamma Tennis Ball hopper Ball tube

In our ball mower review list, we have another ball tube and that is the Gamma Tennis Ball mower per Ball tube. Like other ball mowers, it also comes with easy ball pick-up features. You just need to place it over a tennis ball’s top part and then gently press it down, pretty simple and your ball is now inside the tube.

It comes with a ball capacity of only 18 tennis balls. And also, the Gamma tennis ball tube is super lightweight. Besides, it provides a shoulder strap, so you can carry and move this ball tube more conveniently. This tennis ball tube is perfect for your young kids and also for adult beginners.

Moreover, it offers a rubber band that allows you to dispense the tennis balls easily and fill them into your tennis ball cart. Not only that but also it helps you to clean up the court quickly. And, you can use this ball mower ball tube in both the on-court and off-court.


  • Picks up the tennis ball with more fun.
  • Fast and easy clean up the court
  • Lightweight and easy to carry and transport.
  • More convenient and easy to use.


  • Some customers complain that it doesn’t hold the balls inside the tube.

7. SIBOASI [S705T] Tennis Ball Mower

SIBOASI [S705T] Tennis Ball Mower

If you are looking for a tennis ball mower with a top-notch quality training cart, nothing can beat this SIBOASI [S705T] Tennis Ball Mower. It comes with an updated cart to collect your tennis balls.

This updated cart features 2-wheeled legs with a one-way driving system. It is double powered and offers flexible, easy steering. So you can easily retrieve the fastest tennis ball and increase your practicing time. Thus, it makes everything very professional.

Besides, the SIBOASI [S705T] also comes with no jam features. Therefore, when the tennis ball enters into it, it locks the ball in its picking state. And, thus it can’t push the ball easily. Moreover, it offers a lightweight frame that is made from high-tech iron material.

However, you can not only assemble the frame but also can disassemble it. You can also carry this ball mower easily on the playing court wherever you want to move it. The SIBOASI ball mower can hold 90+ tennis balls at the same time. And also, it offers you a limited 1-year warranty with amazing friendly customer services.


  • Comes with a high-quality updated training cart.
  • Provides no jam features.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Offers 100% risk-free product purchase.
  • Comes with an exceptional 1-year limited warranty.


  • Expensive ball mower.

8. Playmate Ball Mower

Playmate Ball Mower

The playmate is a trusted and reliable tennis brand, manufacturing some of the best Tennis ball mowers with durable aircraft aluminum well-designed construction. And, among all those ball mowers, the Playmate Ball Mower is another great ball mower product.

The aircraft aluminum construction of this mower makes it highly durable. Therefore, it lasts for a long time while you just need to take better care of it. With the help of the arms fold, it pushes the ball easily through its doorways. Therefore, you can collect the tennis ball on the court more conveniently.

This ball mower comes with a unique caster that helps to prevent not only tipping but also scraping. However, it’s a little bit heavier and weighs only 30 lbs. Yet, the sturdiness of this mower makes it a powerful tennis ball collecting machine all in all.

Besides, the Playmate ball mower can hold up to 350+ tennis balls which is the most ball capacity tennis ball mower in our review list.


  • Features well-built aircraft aluminum construction.
  • Holds more tennis balls up to 350+ balls.
  • Protects the ball mower from tipping as well as scraping.
  • Super durable.


  • A little bit heavier.

9. Tourna-Tenn Tennis Ball Pickup Tube

Tourna-Tenn Tennis Ball Pickup Tube

Another tennis ball pickup tube in our review list comes from the brand Tourna and it is Tourna Tenn Tennis Ball Pickup Tube. It is considered the original patented tube for picking up the tennis balls. And, thus it’s named the perfect ball pickup tube.

This Tenn-tube is made from lightweight but highly durable plastic materials. Not only that but also it comes with an elastic band to secure the tennis balls on the top portion of the tube. Therefore, it is super easy to carry and transport. So, tennis players of almost all ages can use it more conveniently.

Furthermore, it can hold up to 20 tennis balls, and to pick up the ball you have to gently press it over a tennis ball. You can also dispense the balls to your tennis ball cart.

Besides, it also provides a fence hook on the top part of the tube that is hardly patented. It keeps your tube off the ground as well as out of the walkways. However, this super Tourna Tenn tube weighs only 1.3 lbs that is extremely lightweight.


  • Features original patented tube.
  • Secures the tennis balls with the help of an elastic band.
  • Lightweight and super portable ball pickup tube.
  • Easy to carry and move.


  • Comes with a poor design compared to its competitive alternatives.

10. Mind Reader Mower Tennis Ball Collector

Mind Reader Mower Tennis Ball Collector

And now, we have reached our last tennis ball mower product with this Mind Reader Mower Tennis Ball Collector. This mind reader provides you a two-in-one mower as well as mower service at the same time. Therefore, picking up the tennis ball on the court will be much easier for you while practicing.

It also comes with a lightweight and decent design. So, you can transport this ball collector more conveniently from one place to another. Besides, it saves your time by collecting the ball quickly and also offers you a quick and easy tennis ball release feature.

Not only that but also it provides you a metal handle that is durable and sturdy enough to support this as a self-standing ball mower. It operates perfectly by rolling over smoothly on all types of court surfaces.

Along with these, the Mind Reader also reduces the risk of both injury and back strain. And finally, almost all types and sizes of tennis balls fit with this ball mower and thus make it a great choice for all skilled-level tennis players.


  • Gives you 2-in-1 services.
  • Features lightweight and portable design.
  • Easy to pick up the tennis ball.
  • Comes with a durable metal handle.
  • Easy to carry and maneuver.


  • It is difficult to unload the tennis ball.
Frequently Asked Questions for the Best Tennis Balls Collector

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I buy Tennis Ball Mowers with or without Wheels?

Buying tennis ball mowers with or without wheels depends on your requirements. If you want to buy a small- carry this small-sized mower to your practice court.

You can also get yourself a Tennis Ball Hopper to easily store balls in it.

However, if it’s a large-sized and also a heavy tennis ball mower, you should buy it with wheeled legs. It will ease your mower carrying. And most importantly, you can easily pick up the tennis balls in a very short time no matter how far your ball is!

What is the ideal ball capacity of a tennis ball mower?

Generally, the ball capacity of a tennis ball mower varies according to its size, type, etc. But, it, however, ranges usually from 40-140 balls. The ideal amount is around 100.

Why should you have a tennis ball mower?

You should have a tennis ball mower as it benefits you in many ways. However, they are some of the advantages of a tennis ball mower-

  • Eases your tennis ball playing practice.
  • Helps you to pick up the tennis ball easily from the court.
  • Saves your time.
  • Gives you a hassle-free as well as focused productive game.
  • Works like a tennis ball cart.
  • Helps you to carry it more conveniently.

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Well, we are at the end of our ball mower review article. A tennis ball mower is one of the most important pieces of tennis equipment that comes with a lot of advantages. It helps you not only to pick up and store the tennis balls but also bring them to the playing court conveniently.

So, in this guide, I have properly discussed in detail all the best tennis ball mowers on the list. And, I hope after reading the article, now you have an idea of which is the best quality ball mower that can meet your requirements perfectly.

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