Best Pool Cue Reviews 2022- Billiard Cue Sticks Buying Guide

You can indeed get a couple of cue sticks along with the newly purchased billiard table. But those cue sticks are cheap and may not help you to play the tournaments well.

Top 15 Best Billiard Pool Cue Sticks

Therefore, you need cue sticks that will meet your requirement and style. The best cue sticks will help you quickly nudge the balls into the table hole. You may get endless options available both online and offline stores.

It is very confusing to pick one among them. To quench your thirst, I have come up with the top 15 best billiard pool cue Reviews. They are not only comfortable to hold but also help you to make powerful pool cues.

Go through the article to get the best pool cue to make your game.

Reviews of the Best Pool Cue stick

Lucasi Custom Birds
Lucasi Custom Birds

Editor’s Choice

  • Low deflection shaft
  • Zero Flex-Point Polymer ferrule
  • Tiger Everest tip
  • Two-piece design
  • Adjustable weight system
  • Simple and elegant look
  • Lifetime warranty
Players Classic Birds
Players Classic Birds

Premium Pick

  • Made with Maple wood construction
  • Irish Leather grip
  • Made with stainless-steel
  • Oak leather tip
  • Black coloured Linen wrap
  • Various weight ranges
  • Lifetime warranty
Set of Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cue Sticks
Set of Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cue Sticks

Value for Money

  • Available in four different colours
  • Various weight ranges
  • 58-inches length
  • Made with Canadian hardwood Maple
  • Stainless-steel joint collar
  • Nylon wrap and Rubber wrap
  • 13mm Le Pro tip

1. Players Classic Birds-Eye (Best Pool Cue Reviews)

Players Classic Birds

A brown coloured Maple wood construction has given this cue stick a smooth texture and a classy look. It is well-constructed to safeguard warping and comes with an excellent Irish leather grip.

The manufacturers use high-grade stainless steel to enhance durability and offer powerful strikes. All these features have made this cue stick very demanding, and it may make it a little challenging to find this stick easily.

Players Classic Birds-Eye allows you to apply enough force to make your ball run to your desired location. Stainless-steel made joint collar will help to build two different pieces into a united one.

Oak leather made tip will ensure extra force to every strike. This pool stick has been designed with black coloured linen wrap that will help you play comfortably for a more extended period without sliding ff your hands.

Moreover, Players Classic Birds-Eye is available in various weight ranges suitable for beginners and professionals. Most interestingly, it is going to offer a lifetime warranty with the purchase.


  • Linen wrap provides anti-slip gripping
  • Made with stainless-steel
  • Oak-leather tip offers a consistent and uniform playing
  • Provides lifetime warranty
  • UV coat safeguards from chipping


  • Fast delivery
  • Looks decent
  • Strong build quality
  • Great priced


  • Average packaging
  • The tip is essentially designed

2. Set of 4 Pool Cues New 58″

Set of 4 Pool Cues

Indeed, you cannot make a good pool score without having a sound cue stick. This 58-inch Billiard House pool stick is another excellent choice to help you reach your goal.

A 13mm Le Pro made leather cue tip has made it a unique one. All four sets of these cue sticks are coming from the hardwood shaft, and Well-constructed and sturdy ferrules are present to make the pool sticks durable.

It helps you to play numerous games with this cue stick without having an issue. Moreover, the main shaft of this stick is also well built. You can also distinguish between the smooth looking bright side and the raw portion.

These two pieces have joined very well that the players need not change them frequently. This set of 4 cue sticks comes in four colours: mahogany red, classy blue, beautifully white, and bottle green.

Besides, this stick comes with a decorated decal butt overlay to look more attractive. Overall, this set of four cue sticks is a cost-effective choice and is available in standard weights.


  • Designed with 13mm cue tips
  • Hardwood shaft enhances durability
  • The decal butt overlay looks attractive
  • It comes in standard weights
  • Well-constructed ferrules present


  • On-time delivery
  • Available in good different weights
  • Great tips
  • Relatively straight


  • Colours and patterns may vary from picture
  • All the cues are not well warped

3. Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Cue

Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye

For those looking for a solid and sturdy pool cue stick, Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye will be the best option. A low deflection shaft will be the best feature that you are going to have with this pool stick.

Zero Flex-point Polymer ferrule is also present, and it will reduce the deflection to help you make an apparent hit. Moreover, it also features Tiger Everest Tip to get both durability and control.

Most interestingly, this durable cue stick is going to offer you a lifetime warranty. That indicates you can play with this stick as much as you can without any issue.

It comes in a two-piece design. Therefore, it is suitable for those who need to travel frequently to play different tournaments. An adjustable weight system is present in this stick, ranging from 18-21oz.

It allows you to set your desired weight according to your preference. One thing that you should remember is that this pool stick does not come with a wrap.

The Birds-Eye maple construction has given it a simple and elegant look.


  • It comes with a wrap less handle
  • Uni-lock pin
  • Enabled with low deflection technology
  • Zero Flex-Point Polymer ferrule is present


  • Amazing quick lock joint
  • Minimal vibration and deflection
  • Clean and crisp hit
  • Value for the price


  • It does not come with a wrap

4. Set of Aska L2 Cue

Set of Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cue Stick

This set of Aska L2 is available in four different colours in this list of the best pool cue sticks. These cue sticks are colourful and offer an excellent performance than some of the other available cues on the market.

Besides colour, these pool sticks are available in a good design and look. Red, blue, green, and black are the colours that this cue stick will offer. Therefore, you can play with different colours in every tournament to catch the attraction of other players.

You can consider these cues a good combination of both looks and performance. The manufacturers use Canadian hard rock maple to enhance durability and longevity.

It comes in 58-inches in length making it ideal for most the players. Stainless-steel made collar joint design has made this stick look beautiful. Another best thing is that these four sticks come with four different weights.

Therefore, you can play every kind of shot very comfortably. For instance, when you are going to play in the pool, you can use a heavily weighted one, and when you want to hit within a limited weight, you should use the lightest one.


  • Available in four different colours
  • Designed with Canadian hard rock maple
  • Stainless-steel made collar joint
  • It comes with Nylon wrap and a rubber bumper
  • 58-inches in length


  • Stylishly designed with vibrant colours
  • Affordable price range
  • Perfect build quality
  • Offers comfortability


  • Cue length needs to improve

5. Set of Aska L2 Cue Sticks

Set of Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cue Sticks

This set of Aska cue sticks is available in three different colours along with various weights. These are- blue with 20-ounce, green with 19-ounce, and red with 18-ounce.

These various weights will help you to play multiple shots very comfortably. These sticks are available in 58-inches length and a 29-inch Canadian stiff rock maple shaft to make them durable and sturdy.

The manufacturers use a high-grade stainless-steel joint collar to make the two pieces a united one. These cue sticks not only look good but also have a strong performance.

Moreover, the length of this cue is perfect and is suitable for most players. A stainless-steel made collar is present in each of the lines to give it an attractive look.

The complex tip design has made it an incredible look. Nylon wrap and the rubber bumper are some of the other features present to enhance the performance of your game. You will notice that this tip is securely attached to the bottom part of the sticks.


  • Available in three different colours
  • Canadian stiff rock Maple shaft provides durability
  • A Stainless-steel collar is present
  • Designed with a 13mm Le Pro tip
  • It comes with Nylon wrap


  • Perfectly straight
  • Easy to control
  • Value for the price
  • Quick shipping


  • Cue length is not satisfactory

6. GSE Games & Sports Expert 58″ 2-Piece

GSE Games & Sports Expert

It comes from high-grade titanium and fibreglass material along with a matte surface to make it look beautiful. It is available in a two-piece design to help you with easy storage and transportation.

Fibreglass will help the cue sticks make warp-resistant. 12.7mm leather tip along with high-grade fibre ferrule are present to enhance durability. Both stainless-steel and ABS joint collars are present to improve the performance and look of this unit.

Moreover, it has been designed with Veltex micro-fibre to offer anti-slip gripping and comfort. You will also find a black coloured rubber bumper in the butt.

The length of these sticks is available in 58-inches to make them compatible with most of the persons. It is available in four various colours and weights, ranging from 18 to 21-oz.

It will allow you to adjust the weight according to your gaming demand. Most importantly, you will have a 1-month limited manufacturing warranty with the purchase of this stick.


  • Made with high-grade titanium and fibreglass
  • Designed with 12.7mm glued tip
  • Stainless-steel and ABS joint collars present
  • Veltex anti-slip gripping
  • 1-month limited manufacturing warranty


  • It comes in a straight design
  • Available in vibrant colour
  • Relatively cheap
  • Timely delivery


  • The tip is not very hard
  • Poor packaging

7. Players Technology Series HXT15

Players Technology Series HXT15

Players Technology Series HXT15 comes next in this list and is another famous cue stick. It is available in a two-piece design, and it looks decently beautiful to catch the attraction of most players.

HXT15 has been well constructed with high-grade materials to deliver the best possible performance. It comes in a round shape and different weights, and therefore, it allows you to choose one according to your preference.

Besides, you can easily carry these two-piece designed cue sticks with you wherever you want. Even the cue sticks are available with an excellent finish and are almost square to offer accuracy when making the strikes.

Excellent quality North American hard rock maple enhances the durability of these cue sticks. These cue sticks are available in a traditional design, and Walnut stained Birds-Eye maple made shaft and black and white diamond cue have given it a classic look.

A Stainless-steel collar is present to not only make the sticks look beautiful but also deliver powerful strikes. Also, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty to make it the value for money option.


  • It comes with a Low Deflection mechanism
  • Anti-slip gripping
  • Designed with an Irish linen wrap
  • Stainless-steel made joint collar
  • Available in a two-piece design


  • Solid made
  • Quick delivery
  • Looks good
  • Reasonably priced


  • Grip seems slippery
  • Poorly packaged

8. Empire USA Set of 6 Cues 57″

Empire USA Set of 6 Pool Cues 57

Next comes Empire USA Billiard Pool Stick in this list. In this package, you are going to get six cue sticks. Among them, four posts are available in a one-piece design.

These cues come with a 57-inch length to make it ideal for residential usage. The manufacturers also use high-quality hardwood made butt and shaft to enhance the durability and longevity of these sticks.

Besides, these durable cue sticks also offer the best performance possible to help you to make accurate shots with ease. These sticks have standard weights to make them comfortable for most of the players.

A 13mm leather made glue tip is present to make the cues sturdy and well-balanced. All these six cue sticks are available in a simple yet elegant design to enhance your personality.

Also, you will get this cue stick in a pocket-friendly range. So, the Empire House Bar billiard pool cue stick will be a perfect choice for those looking for pool sticks with excellent delivery.


  • 6-set of cues are present
  • One-piece design
  • 57-inches length
  • Made with hardwood shaft and butt
  • 13mm leather tip


  • Beautiful and sleek designed
  • Easy to clean
  • Pretty good build quality
  • Well worth the money


  • Tips are a bit inconsistent but acceptable
  • Each stick is not perfectly straight

9. Players D-JS White Cue stick

Players D-JS

Players D-JS is another durable and excellent quality cue stick. It has been designed with an oak leather tip and stainless-steel collar to make your performance great.

You will also find a rubber butt texture present at the end of the sticks to make you have a smooth feel. It is also available in standard weight to help you play comfortably.

An elevated design is there at the body of the stick to upgrade the look. It is compatible with both casino and card gamers, and it comes with all the qualities to help even the professionals hit the residential board with ease.

It is because it is suitable for all types of pool tables. The stainless-steel made joint collar helps to make the two pieces unite. These cue sticks are available in various sizes and weights, ranging from 18 to-21-ounces.

Besides performance, the design and looks of this cue stick are why you should invest in purchasing this set. Black grip and other decorations of both red and black like bold colours made the bar look sophisticated.


  • Beautiful skull design
  • Stainless-steel made joint collar
  • Designed with Le Pro leather tip
  • Available in various weights
  • Provides lifetime warranty


  • Nice cue for the price
  • Good rubber grip
  • Super smooth shaft
  • Cushion like feeling


  • No protectors for connecting ends
  • It May have a bit chemical odour

10. Tai ba cues 2-Piece

Tai ba cues 2-Piece Pool cue Stick

Tai ba cues are another best pool cue stick due to both the performance and design. It has been designed with a leather texture grip to protect the sticks from friction and from slipping.

The design of these sticks ensures easy cleaning, and it is durable and allows you to use them for a more extended period. All the pool sticks are available in various bright colours.

Overall, it comes with a glossy texture finish. All the cue sticks have multi-layer varnish to make them protected from damping. A 13mm leather tip is present to make the bat durable and long-lasting.

Resin made ferrule is also there to make the pool sticks firm and unbreakable. This stick’s top and bottom parts are designed with a thick sponge to safeguard the tip and the joints.

It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap to ensure portability. The manufacturers also attach a zippered pouch with it to keep your smaller accessories.


  • 13mm leather tip is present
  • Made with 100% Canadian maple wood
  • Beautiful overlay decal design
  • The leather texture surface prevents friction
  • It comes with weight adjusting bolts


  • Safely packaged
  • A rounded and scuffed tip
  • The leather wrap feels great
  • Suitable for the beginners


  • Not suitable for long-term usage
  • Delivery may take a bit of time

11. 25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue

25oz Rage Heavy

For those looking for the best budget pool cue sticks, this Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue will be a good choice, and it is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

The manufacturers use premium-quality 100% hard rock maple to make the sticks durable and sturdy. Therefore, we can consider this stick to be the best economy pool stick available in the market.

The matte finish look has made it look gorgeous. It has a 29-inches shaft and comes from hard rock North American maple. Fibre ferrule ensures durability and sturdily.

Quick-release joint along with a double turbo lock is another excellent feature of this cue stick. You will also find a 14mm Bakelite phenolic tip in this pool stick, and it has only 25oz weight to make it suitable for all types of players.

Stainless-steel joint collar is also present to offer powerful strikes. Most importantly, this poot stick set will provide a 3-years limited manufacturing warranty with the purchase.


  • It comes with a quick-release joint
  • 14mm phenolic tip
  • Designed with wrap fewer handles
  • Available in 25-ounce weight
  • Made with 100% hard rock maple construction


  • Available in a reasonable price range
  • Solidly built
  • Well-balanced
  • Looks good


  • Finishing is not perfect like the expensive ones
  • Average packaging

12. Lot of 4-58″ 2 Piece Cue

ISZY Billiards Pool Stick

This pool stick cue comes from a hardwood Canadian maple pool to make them sturdy and well-constructed. If someone is looking for a cheaply priced pool cue and decent design, this will be the best possible option for them.

The outlook of this pool cue gives it a classy look. It has a decent and straightforward design along with powerful strikes. You are going to have four sets of signals with the purchase.

Though the dimension of all four cues is relatively the same, they come with various design pattern. Also, the four cues come with different weights to allow you to choose according to your preference.

In addition, 13mm leather tip and linen wrap are present at both ends of this stick. A stainless-steel ball joint is current to improve the durability of this pool cue.

A wide range of weights, ranging from 18-21-ounce, will help all types of players to make strikes according to their game demand. This cue stick is available in 58-inches length to make it compatible for most players.


  • Made with Canadian hardwood maple
  • 13mm fibre ferrule is present
  • Glued leather tip
  • Stainless-steel collar
  • It comes with a wide range of weights


  • Arrives quickly and on time
  • All fur cues are straight
  • Value for money
  • Sturdy built


  • Tips need little improvement
  • Handles may not be covered like in the picture shown

13. Viper Revolution Outlaw 58″ 2-Piece Cue

Viper Revolution Outlaw

Next comes Viper Revolution Outlaw billiard pool cue in this list. It comes from premium-quality Canadian maple wood to make it solid and well-constructed.

A graphic style tattoo is present in the body of this stick to give it a stylish look. A stainless-steel joint is present to offer consistency. A 13mm professional Le Pro leather tip is current to make the sticks strong.

This leather tip provides not only a good grip but also a comfortable feeling. The stainless-steel joint has made both the butt and shaft to make it ideal for every kind of shot.

Moreover, it also comes with an adjustable weight mechanism to help you to set your desired weight. It has been designed with Silicon infused wrap to safeguard this stick from produced tension.

This billiard cue stick is available in a two-piece design to ensure both easy storage and transportation. Overall, it is another fantastic pool cue for the excellent build quality and performance.


  • Made with premium quality Canadian maple wood
  • Available in a two-piece design
  • Stainless-steel made joints
  • Designed with Siliconized wrap
  • 13mm Le Pro leather tip


  • Amazing quality
  • Comes straight
  • Lovable grip
  • Value for the money


  • Not suitable for professional games
  • Non-satisfactory customer service

14. GARSEN Pool Cue

GARSEN Set of 4 Pieces

GARSEN Pool Stick is available at 58-inches in length to make it compatible with most of the players. It has a unique designed wrap to make it look attractive.

This wrap will give you a smooth feeling whenever you are playing with this stick. Also, this lightweight cue stick will help you easily carry it with you wherever you go.

A 13mm leather tip is present to make the stick durable and well-balanced. You are going to have four posts along with this set. They also come with a wide range of weight variations, ranging from 18- 21oz.

Therefore, this cue stick set allows you to choose one according to your requirement and demand. All the pool sticks are available in four vibrant colours to make them look bright.

The best part is that it comes with excellent customer service to meet your need. GARSEN is going to offer you a 2-years free replacement along with the purchase.


  • It comes in a unique wrap design
  • 58-inches length
  • Designed with 13mm leather tip
  • A wide range of weight variations
  • Offers 2-years free replacement policy


  • Works great
  • Looks fantastic
  • Straight and nicely balanced
  • Easy to use


  • Tips are not well finished
  • Average packaging

15. ISPIRITO Pool Cues 2-Piece 58 Inch


Though ISPIRITO House Bar Billiard Cue Stick comes last in this list, it has all the features and specifications to make it the best pool cue stick. The manufacturers use high-grade wood to make this stick.

It helps to make the sticks durable and long-lasting. It is also available in a portable design to allow easy storage and comfortable transportation.

Moreover, this durable and well-balanced cue stick is a cost-effective choice. You will find a very smooth finish on this versatile stick. The best part is that this pool stick allows you to play your game for a more extended period.

This American cue stick is available in a 58-inches length. Besides, it comes with all the possible features to make it ideal for beginners. Also, it is lightweight, and you can carry it with you wherever you want.

ISPIRITO pool sticks are available in a unique design to help the bar players. Most importantly, this lightweight pool cue is very easy to play with, and a child can also start with this stick.


  • Made with 100% hardwood
  • It comes in 58-inches length
  • Designed with 13mm glued tips
  • Available in a two-piece design


  • Very light in weight
  • Sturdy sticks
  • Cheap priced
  • Looks beautiful


  • All the sticks are not perfectly straight
  • Tips are unfinished

Things to consider before buying the Best Pool Cue Sticks

These are some of the below-mentioned factors that you need to consider before purchasing one for you-

  • Ferrule and width tip: These two are the most deciding factors when you are buying one. It is because these two things you need to use when playing.

Ferrule, tip, and shaft are the most crucial part of a pool stick. Initial 12-inches are known as shaft, the tip is present near the shaft, and the ferrule is placed after the tip. The tip of the cue stick must be in a dome shape.

Also, the stick tip must have a perfect finish, and the information must be attached with the ferrule. The best pool cue stick is available in a refined design. So, it would help if you considered these things before purchasing one.

  • Quality: You must consider the quality of the cues before purchasing, and it plays the most crucial factor. A high-quality pool stick comes with a smooth texture and low deflection mechanism.

You can rub the stick with your hand before purchasing to know the quality. If it gives you a rough feeling, you should consider this to be a cheap quality cue.

Also, premium quality cues do not come with glue and stains.

  • Wrap: A sleek designed wrap will help you to play your game well. Irish linen, leather, and rubber made wraps are many popular ones in the market.

If you choose the rubber wrap, you should also check that it must be oil-free to avoid slipping. The best and well-performed cue sticks generally come with Silicon and rubber made wrap.

On the other hand, Irish Linen wrap is excellent and very smooth to touch. A leather wrap pool stick is also a good choice.

  • Rings: This part will decide the finishing of a cue stick. So, before purchasing, you should consider the rings. A great pool stick does not have bubbles near the rings,

Instead, the ring of a stick must be well attached to the cue. There are numerous pool cue rings available in the market. For instance, a metal ring will be a perfect choice.

  • Straightness: If your pool stick is not straight designed, you may face some common deflection issues. As a result, you may miss your targeted strikes.

It is also true that a well-finished cue stick must be straight in design. Besides straightness, the shape is another factor to consider, and a perfect pool cue must be round shaped.

  • Weight: You should always consider the importance of the pool stick before you buy. Instead, it plays a very crucial role to play. Try to choose lightweight bats.

It is because you may feel difficult to carry relatively heavy sticks. Also, a heavyweight cue stick will make you strike the ball very hard. Therefore, a heavy pool cue is responsible for your non-accuracy and loss of speed control features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best pool stick in the market?

There are multiple pool sticks available in the market, and choosing one from them is pretty confusing. Therefore, I did a good market survey and considered customer ratings to select one. Among them, Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue is the best. It is not only durable but also offers excellent performance and comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. What will be the perfect length of a pool cue?

A perfect pool stick is available at 57-inches in length, and this length is compatible with almost all adults. On the other hand, a 48-inches cue will be ideal for the short height players. You can also choose 36-inches sticks if you want to train the kids.

3. What is the difference between the hard and soft tip?

A soft tip comes with more soft feelings than the hard one, and it will decide the playability of the cue stick. Indeed, complex information will not affect deflection.

4. What are the popular cue stick brands?

There are various brands available in the market that come with numerous cue sticks. They are- Players, Viper, Lucasi, Rage, GARSEN, ISPIRITO are primarily famous.

5. Which ones will be cheap cue sticks?

To help you get a proper answer, I am going to compare some of them. It will help you to decide which one will be perfect for you. You can also go through the above reviews to get a detailed discussion.

Final words

Cue sticks play an important role when you are going to play billiards or pool tables. This article has helped you to get detailed specifications of the 15 best pool cue reviews.

They all come with multiple features to help you make your strikes more accurate. We detail discuss the buyer’s guide and details discuss the 15 best pool cue reviews.

Happy Billiard Time!

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